Marketing is a challenge for most companies, especially those with limited budgets. There are many ways to successfully market and scale your business, even if you don’t have the money for it.

Here are some of the most effective marketing tactics that you should adopt:

1) Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

If you do have the budget for it, hiring a marketing agency is a great way to improve your marketing efforts and see measurable results. At, you can seek out a range of services including omni-channel experiences, connected commerce, customer loyalty & retention, and more.

Hiring an external company to handle your marketing will free up you and your team’s time so you can invest it in product development or other important facets of your business.

Marketing experts have the knowledge and resources to reimagine your sales funnel and encourage new customers to make purchases. Lack of awareness is largely responsible for business failure. Hiring an agency may help you avoid this.

2) Use Social Media

Most people recognize, if not wield, the power of social media. Having a strong social media presence doesn’t cost anything, but it can make for an extremely high ROI.

Creating relevant and engaging content for your social platforms is a surefire way to drive engagement, build a relationship with your target audience, and make sales.

You don’t even have to create this content yourselves. There are plenty of creative professionals that can produce written and visual content for your platforms.

3) Online Advertising

Traditional advertising can be quite costly. That’s why mediums like TV, radio, and newspaper are usually reserved for major players in each industry.

There are many cost-effective ways to advertise online. Google PPC ads and Facebook ads are a couple ways to do so. You should also list your business in directories like Yelp and Google Business for Google Maps.

Consider using these methods as well:

  • Record a promotional telephone message that people who call your business will hear when they are on hold.
  • Put window decals with coupons or discounts on company cars.
  • Notify customers about coupons and discounts via email.

4) Host Giveaways

People love free stuff. If you or other members of your team have some stuff you’re willing to part ways with, host an event and giveaway.

Encourage people in your area that are part of your target audience to partake in the event for a chance to win something for free.

To promote giveaway events, use Facebook groups and other social platforms.

5) Form Partnerships

There are likely other small business owners in your town who are willing to collaborate with you. If you are looking for cost-effective ways to scale your business, considering forming partnerships with businesses in your area that are in the same industry.

This could mean using the same manufacturer, supplier, or vendor. You may have access to referral discounts.

Also, collaborating with other businesses is a way to gain authority in your community. If another company recommends your company to one of their customers, that’s valuable marketing right there.

6) Stay Organized

In order to be a successful market, you must have an organized plan.

This means having a focused target audience, unique selling proposition, updated assets, and more. Make sure all of your assets are organized in one place in case you ever need to update or refer to something and all of them are most critical success factors for your business marketing.

Have graphic elements, letterheads, campaign assets, and other types of content art your disposable. Marketing is about consistency. You should have a steady stream of content ready to churn out to your demographic at all times.

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