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4 Scientific Developments To Keep An Eye On

As the world seemingly starts moving again (albeit slowly) after the Covid-19 pandemic, we can look forward to new scientific developments and breakthroughs.

Indeed, the race to reach a coronavirus vaccine was a science drama in and of itself, as new approaches to old viruses gave way to innovation, taking what would have been a multi-year endeavor and reducing it to months of development.

With science at the forefront of the public consciousness, proving that what humans can achieve given time and research, let’s look at four particular scientific developments that are truly worth keeping an eye on.

Scientific Developments To Look Forward To

1. Robot Surgeons

It really wasn’t that long ago that what we consider as traditional surgery of today was simply incomprehensible. The medical science field is responsible for so much new technology that is now mainstream, but their real leaps forward are in the advancement of surgical procedures.

The operating room is a real hub of creativity as new surgical instruments are so frequently designed in order to aid the doctors and nurses involved. Furthermore, adding new technology to help surgical teams will often carry further benefits to the patients and hospital staff too.

Greater precision during surgery will lead to faster recovery, in turn leading to shorter hospital stays overall. By decreasing the number of long-term patients, the hospital staff is able to free up space to treat more people in need.

The most recent scientific development To Keep an Eye On to be implemented in the operating room is that of surgical robots. By adding a robot surgeon into the procedure––i.e. a human surgeon operating a robotic surgical system composed of robotic arms that can make more precise movements––invasive surgery can consist of smaller incisions and cover a more specific area.

Though robotic surgery may sound a little bit like 1950s sci-fi pulp fiction, AI is not integrated into the technology. Clinical trials involving the Da Vinci System of robotic surgeons are currently ongoing at the Richmond University Medical Center. However, Da Vinci is hoping to roll out surgical robots to aid in the operating room very soon.

2. Protein Expression

One particular field of scientific development that has really grown in prominence in the United States is that of protein expression. The process of biotechnology is a complex reaction, using enzymes and gene synthesis to produce a higher quantity of a protein of interest. From here, a protein can either be increased in number or altered to give better characteristics.

It is an extensive experience that yields many rewards for food producers, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies alike. As the natural protein expression takes a long time to complete, using a protein expression and purification service like those offered by Biotech Resources allows for more degrees of freedom with the intended result.

Agriculture is the biggest beneficiary of protein expression in the United States, allowing more crops to be yielded and more effective farming methods, as the waste is greatly reduced.

3. Auto-Driving

Autonomous cars were being tested long before the Covid-19 pandemic brought many sectors of the science industry to a halt. Now that the world is fighting back against the pandemic, these self-driving vehicles are being tested on the roads once again. Intended to create an extra level of safety on the roads, self-driving cars also help prevent accidents by side-stepping driver fatigue and avoiding all obstacles.

4. Renewable Energy

Climate change dominated the headlines before Covid-19 swept across the headlines. For the first few weeks of the pandemic, there were reports of nature reappearing in areas that humans had been forced to temporarily abandon.

It quickly became apparent, however, that the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and natural resources still needed to be kept under control if climate change was to be left at bay. Renewable energy is under constant review and research and is also being implemented into new designs all of the time.

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