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Scrumptiously Delicious Aroma Of My Panera Bread Now In New Customer Buddy Avatar

People are especially very much conscious of the bread they eat. They don’t like changing and they want it fresh. Panera bakers have many of its regular customers who will simply refuse to change their bakery supplies to take them from elsewhere. The reason is that the taste of the Panera bakers is very unique and scrumptious due to which their regular customers flatly refuse to change their bakers. It is the high demands and requests of their customers that they have expanded their chain and have launched further packages and programs to avail and get discount on your bakery items.

The huge success of Panera has made it clear that the demand of their quality is increasing rapidly. Making a closer bond with the customer is a very tricky and one of the most essential step to increase the sales ratio. This is the reason why the Panera has launched its chain of Panera Cares. Panera Cares are the stores which run on nonprofit strategy. Recently the company has launched its fifth nonprofit store. In these stores the customers are given bakery items on very cheap or reasonable rates in which the amount of profit is not at all involved.

The fifth branch has opened in Boston. The main goal of this program is all good and very beneficial. It focuses on health and good economy both. It also makes sure that any person who is entering the bakery gets the food or bread that he wants. It is also known as a charitable program which is going as a great success. The program has been initiated to make sure that people become aware of the importance of health and healthy food. This will not only reduce the infectious diseases caused by the consumption of unhealthy food but will also make ways for a healthy environment which will have all the nourishment required by the people.

Ron Shaich is the founder plus chairman of the divine chain. When he was asked about expressing his reviews regarding the Panera Cares initiative he said that the team was thrilled by the operation of inaugurating a Panera Care outlet in the place which they called home. He is also the co-CEO of the Panera Bread and the Panera Foundation. He is taken as a guide and leader in the company. Boston is his home and he has been living here for about 30 years. It was the place where he started his business initially. Thousands and hundreds of Panera employs and members are also residents of the place and that is the reason why they are all perked up and energized about working in the new charity outlet and making sure that it is a huge success. It is their goal to ensure the solution of all the problems faced by the neighborhood regarding food.

The company has made sure to place the outlet in a busy and public place and a place which is very easily accessible to all. This will not only benefit the customers but will also benefit the company economically by having an increased sales ratio. Canada and United States are the regions where the Panera chain is most expanded and comprises of about 1600 bakeries along with cafes in about 44 states. Even with all this the team members and the CEO believe that their roots are and were always in Boston. This is the reason why they want to make the region a better place and to make it an ideal place for their chain.

Their goal is to eliminate all the food insecurities and to make a healthy food selection habit in the communities of Boston. The complete outlet is the result of the funds provided by the Panera itself. The amount approximately reaches to $1 million. On the other hand now they are giving the message that they have acted as the founders and have taken the initiative by providing the people a platform for healthy food and society now it is up to the people to take it on and make progress in the plan. The community does not have to do any hard core tasks. The only thing required by them is that they have to complete the payment of direct operating costs and nothing else. Not a single penny of profit will be taken from them. On the other hand the out let will operate on pay-it-forwards model. This model has been designed very efficiently to ensure the betterment and the success of the charity program. This program runs through those people who want to help other people and make sure that they too get food to eat so in order t do that these people will pay some charity to the outlet to pay the costs of the meals which Panera cares will provide to those who are unable to pay for their meals.

In this way people will support one another without placing a certain pressure on one individual only. This initiative was taken in 2010 due to the result of statistical analysis performed in 2009. According to this analysis a large number of American population was the target of unhealthy food and malnutrition. Now the Panera cares provides different donation amounts and donation bins so that people don’t have to give any set price and neither are there any kind of cash registers.

Panera Cares also offers a program known as the volunteer program option. This option is for those people who cannot help by donating money. They can help by doing other helping tasks like cleaning the tables or sweeping the floor. These tasks are known as front-of-the-house roles. After every hour of work the person will get a meal voucher. It also offers an internship program for at-risk youth. All of the programs offered by the Panera cares are either for the betterment of the society or to encourage the society to take part in aiding those who need their help. The Panera Cares of Boston is having more than 40 managers and associates for the job.

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