Different types and styles of perfect case packers are available on the market today. These include top loads, mechanical, wrap-around, side loads, and many more. With so many options, it has become quite challenging for customers to select the perfect case packing machinery for their needs.

The need for a perfect case packer machine is usually due to a demand in bundling requirements or to maximize high productivity levels. Hence, a perfect case packer is a valuable asset that yields excellent long-term results, and it should also be robust and versatile enough to fulfill your packing requirements.

Important Factors To Look Out For Buying a Perfect Case Packers

Case Packer

A suitable case packer must be able to maximize your product line. Plus, it should complement your budget, production volume, and packaging requirements, such as weight and size.

You must consider these vital aspects when purchasing a new case packer machine.

Type of Machine

Since the market is filled with numerous styles of machines, including side loads, top loads, or wrap-around, it is essential to look for the best machine type according to your requirements.

Here it would be best if you analyzed your production line requirement to select the perfect machine. For instance, packaged liquids work best with top loaders, whereas sturdy bottles are perfectly paired with wrap-around case packers.

Line Speeds

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Choosing a case packer with a significant line speed is a must to ensure compatibility with your production volume. It is ideal not to opt for fast packing machines because they may not always be the best option according to your business requirements and thus can cost you more.

Your production schedule is critical in determining your suitable case packer machine. For instance, side loading, bottom loading, or robotic case packers are ideal for packing that aligns with industry standard requirements.

On the other hand, if you intend to buy a case packer to meet the high production demands, wrap-around packers are perfect since they are faster and perform with continuous motions.

Compatibility with Your Business

Analyze what works best for your business, including scalability, budget, and workforce, before investing in a case packer machine.

For example, if your factory operates 24hrs a day, you require equipment with remarkable durability and lower downtime. If your staff are not skilled enough, you need a machine that is easy to use.

Compute your present costs and returns on the investment. It will allow you to identify your budget range for the best case packer for your business.

Floor Space

Case packer machines are available in different shapes and sizes to fulfill various business requirements.

Look for case packers that are compatible with your floor plan, offers high efficiency, and do not create any disarrangement.

Case Packer For Your Business

Supervise Quality and Safety Standards

Once you are done with a case packer machine’s basics and essential aspects, look for advanced technology and safety options.

In this regard, an advanced safety control mechanism will aid in implementing safety standards like sanitation or sealing, making it a great solution, especially for food products that require rigorous safety standards.