Looking for a great car deal? Edmunds makes it easy to buy and sell cars in a jiffy. Knowing about a vehicle and the market is not everyone’s strong suit, and a lack of knowledge can often result in lowball offers. Knowing your vehicle’s worth and staying confident when dealing with a buyer can lead to a great deal.

When you are looking to sell your vehicle, the first thing to do is equip yourself with everything you need to know about your vehicle. The make/model, the manufactured year, the mileage, and other relevant information is great place to start. This helps in knowing the value of the car and avoiding being swindled. Confidence plays a huge role during negotiations, and knowing how to sell your car can give you enough confidence to get a fantastic deal.

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you sell your car.

How to sell your car with confidence

how to sell a car that doesn't run

Selling your vehicle is very easy and simple. Simply be more organized. Here is how you can get the maximum value for your vehicle.

Get the basics of selling a car right

Make sure to clean the inside and outside of the car so it looks as new as the day it was bought. Try to repair minor damage and mechanical faults that lie in the car. Get a new MOT if this one has been over three months old. Consider a professional valet service because it will save you your precious time and will make a difference in the selling terms.

Give your car a quick wash

Think about what most sellers demand and what they are looking for in a car. Most sellers want the car to look clean and in good shape, have a perfect interior, and be in a state where it makes the other person satisfied. Giving your car a quick wash sends a message to the buyer that the vehicle is very well maintained. It also looks more attractive, increasing the chances of closing the deal.

Complete your documentation

tips for selling a car

The most important part of selling a car is having the right documents and papers. Have all the documents in hand and show the buyers the original documents. Make sure you don’t hand over the documents to the buyer or provide copies without finalizing the deal.

Remain friendly in your dealings

The first thing you need to do is to be polite and cheerful because a sale is always contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect. Be friendly and try to negotiate with the best manners.

Avoid making false claims

Always make the correct statement, don’t alter your car, and don’t make false claims about the car. Describe it accurately. Stick to the facts that will help you sell your car easily.

State the car’s condition clearly and perfectly in the advertisement so that the buyer can trust you.

Go for a test drive

When you feel that you’ve hooked the buyer into buying your vehicle, it is time to offer them a free test drive. Give them the keys and go with them. A test drive can make the buyer feel good about the vehicle and know that there are no intermittent faults.

Talk to them throughout the drive and remind them of all the positive and good things about the car.

Now that you’ve learned how to sell a car and feel more confident in doing so, it is time to sell your car.

Sell Old Car to a Dealer

Make sure you get the payment upfront, whether it is cash or check. Dealing in cash payments is easier since there is no hassle of heading to the bank to deposit a check.

Once you’ve received the full payment, you can then deliver all the original documents, the car key, and any other car-related items to the buyer. Stay confident and make sure that your attitude remains friendly throughout the deal.

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