Music service by Google Ins was launched this Wednesday allowing the one who uses it to listen unlimited songs at $9.99 per month, challenging the smaller companies as Spotify and Pandora in market regarding streaming music.

Google, with the new service, has announced in the annual conference at San Francisco, that it has adopted business of streaming music model before the competitor Apple Inc, the pioneer of music purchases online with iTunes.

The service of All Access by Google lets the users to customize selection of songs from around 22 genres, from Indie music to Jazz, listen to stream that is radio-like and could be tweaked and stream any individual playlists. Firstly it would be launched in U.S, and then many other countries.

In this conference, many improvements to the other services were also unveiled by Google, including search that is voice-activated and new mapping characteristics. The focus stayed on having more options for users of the mobile devices with Android.

The shares of Google increased above 3% whereas those of Pandora Media plummeted more than 1% on the afternoon this Wednesday.

Coming of the Internet company, the largest in the world, amps up competition in nascent market regarding subscription-based and streaming music. Apple and Inc are among Silicon Valley power houses that are sounding out at the top recording executives of the industry.

Pandora happens to be freely spending and racking the losses up to globally expand. Even the stalwarts of social media as Twitter and Facebook are into the bandwagon of streaming-music.

All the companies see subscription services and viable streaming of music as essential to enhancing their presence within the mobile environment that is exploding. For Apple and Google, it’s important to ensure that users continue to be loyal to the mobile products.

Always, music has continued to be integral to mobile experience from the beginning of iTunes that upended old models having buying approach of 99-cent-per-song.

These days, tablets and smartphones supplant PCs along with virtual storage substituting for songs on the devices. At the cost of $9.99 per month, this service of Google happens to be costlier compared to $3.99 that is required by Pandora, though it’s on par where Spotify is concerned. It is also the perfect place for a musician to buy Spotify streams and grow their following.
The executives of Google said that this new service manages huge libraries of music, noting that streaming model could be customized endlessly. Company also would have a hand while selecting music, acting as curator of the personalized content.

The question about how large library for streaming will be, is unclear. It is heard that Google has signed some deals with Sony Entertainment and Universal Music.

an Albert Fried and Co. analyst, Rich Tullo said that we can’t dismiss Apple or anyone but that’s not what the point is. He said that Pandora happens to be the share leader in market in space and the platform they have is quite disruptive and it is quite tough to have them disrupted and when there are 70M people using it, it is they who are disruptor’s.

A Google executives’ procession showed off and described litany of the software updates and new features at annual developers’ conference. Larry Page, CEO, said that such change rate in computing haven’t been witnessed from quite a time, probably as far as the time of birth of the personal computing and that still, they are at 1% of all that could be possible.

The famous mapping service of Google, that is mainstay of the Android devices, boosts of tighter integration along with the reviews off the Zagat, a famous brand of dining-reviews bought by Google last year. The service sports many pictures from the inside of notable buildings that are sourced through user-uploaded photos. Now it can even realistically display the earth as could be viewed from the outer space, a feature Page said was personally requested by him.

Shares of Yelp Ins dropped 3.8% to $29.80 during the afternoon this Wednesday.

The updates from Wednesday should make the Google’s products work in a better way on Android as well as other platforms for mobile, and help the developers’ community craft applications that happen to be the lifeblood of the operating system of mobiles.

On Wednesday, executives said that around 900M tablets and smartphones making use of the software of Google Android have been activated from the time of the inception of this platform in 2010.

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