As a Christian, you sometimes find yourself wishing there was a daily church service where you could recharge and find peace. Unfortunately, your pastor cannot work 24/7. Online services may not be just like a live church service, but they certainly serve an important place in today’s busy Christian lives. Setting your spirit free can begin with a simple listen at your leisure.

How to Find Online Sermons

If you want to find online sermons, the first step is analyzing your spiritual needs. Are you feeling down? Do you need Biblical direction? Do you need to hear from God? There are tons of available online sermons, and they cover the gamut of emotions and life issues Christians face in modern society. Conducting a simple search narrows down your choices and helps you get started finding the material you need.

4 Things You Will Get From Listening to an Online Sermon

There are plenty of benefits to listening to online sermons on a regular basis. Allow the following to show you the many benefits.

1. Listening to or watching online sermons can help increase your hope in God. Online sermons about hope help to quell the feelings of desperation you sometimes feel when trying to figure things out on your own.

2. Prayer, Bible study, and online sermons can help to keep the world out of your head. Christians can sometimes find themselves being inundated with the things of this world. When the world is pulling you away from God, it is time to recenter.

3. Did you know listing to sermons online can give you greater peace of mind? Think about how you feel when walking out of the church after an amazing Sunday morning service. Imagine experiencing that feeling any time you need it. Online sermons are perfect for long commutes, office breaks, or unwinding after a long day.

4. Online sermons challenge your thoughts. A good sermon will make you think and lead you to read the Bible. Sometimes, Christians need a good challenge to help propel them towards the path God has planned for them.

Tips for Listening to Online Sermons

There are a few tips that can make your experience with online preaching much more effective. Preparation is key.

· Pray before you start listening. Prayer puts your heart in the right place to begin hearing from the Lord.

· Set aside time to listen when you will have no distractions and are not overly tired. Distractions and tiredness will prevent you from actively listening to the sermon.

· Have a small notepad and pencil or pen handy to write down important points from the sermon. Taking notes further improves your brain’s ability to take in what you are hearing.

There is something truly special about experiencing God’s love through sermons. When you are not able to be in church, an online sermon is the next best thing to getting in touch with God and hearing from Him through His messenger.


If you find your week is overly hectic and the only word you receive is on Sundays, spiritual weakness is sure to set in. Take time to watch online sermons, and find your spirit feeling more at peace. Tuning into God makes a huge difference in every aspect of your life. Start watching today, and see your spiritual life transform.

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