Did you know that the number one feature home buyers are interested in is the backyard? This is a private space where you can enjoy nature and even put in a shed for extra storage or office space.

If you’re one of the lucky homeowners that have a spacious yard, then you might already have a shed orΒ are planning on putting one in. Either way, you’ll need some good organizational skills. Otherwise, things can get messy fast.

Keep reading to get some fantastic shed organization tips!

Use Shelves

Use Shelves

Forget about leaving everything in a pile; not only does it look bad and take up more space than needed, but it’s also tough to sort through.

If you’re a DIYer, buy planks of wood to nail together and create custom shelves. Or you can save some time and frustration by buying shelving units that only need to be put together.

Put these shelves along the perimeter of your shed to make it feel more spacious. Shed shelving will be a game changer since you can put things away neatly, and cleaning the shed will be less painful and time-consuming.

Put Up Pegboards

Shelves are a great idea, but make sure to leave some space for pegboards. You can install these on whole walls, or make smaller ones to put above tables.

Wherever you put up pegboards, you can conveniently hang your tools and equipment. Everything will be easier to find, and if you have buddies over, you can show off your entire collection immediately.

Add a Loft

Add a Loft

When it comes to spaces, we often forget about vertical utility. So look up, and chances are, you’ve got lots of room above!

Part of organizing a shed is putting away out-of-season or rarely-used items, and a loft is perfect for this. Grab some planks, nail them securely, and you’ve got an insta-loft.

Some prefabricated sheds also already come with lofts, so if you don’t have one already, consider this in your search. Here’s some more info on these prefab sheds.

Purchase Cabinets

You won’t want to keep often-used items on the shelves or in the loft. But having them scattered around won’t suffice either.

Cabinets are a wonderful solution since you can put your items away for a tidier look. Add a work surface on top, and you’ll have a convenient setup when you’re doing hobbies in the shed.

Tips to organize your garage

An alternative is workbenches if they’re more suitable for your tasks. These will have racks underneath for storage.

Be a Pro at Shed Organization

Shed organization can seem tough since it’s such a small space. However, as you’ve seen, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of every square inch without making things feel cramped.

So clean up your shed and implement the storage solutions we’ve suggested. It’ll feel like a brand new place once you’re done!

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