In modern times, the inclusion of CBD in day-to-day human life has been a great, interesting, and controversial topic to discuss in basically every country in the world. 

With society, various governments, and even physicians welcoming CBD, people have been given a sense of trust and safety around this substance.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the portion within the marijuana plant that, unlike THC, is non-psychoactive. Although CBD does not provide a euphoric high, it does contain some therapeutic and healthy properties for the human body.

While cannabis does alleviate general pain, nausea, sleep disturbance, and other discomforts, CBD can improve a person’s sex life.

Plenty of products infused with CBD have been made specifically to aid in having a more pleasurable time during sexual intercourse, and it works.

Here are some shocking ways on how CBD oil will make you better in bed:

1) Decrease Anxiety

Anybody can have a stroke of nerves, especially before a performance. CBD is well known for resolving a sense of anxiety within the human body.

A 2014 study illustrates that CBD contains anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties that could significantly aid those suffering from these issues.

Anxiety hinders the sense of pleasure for anything, including sex. With that in mind, CBD can be the answer in maintaining confidence, lowering stress levels, thus increasing enjoyment in bed.

The science behind CBD’s connection with resolving anxiety within the human body is its ability to influence receptors of serotonin, which is a hormone responsible for social behavior, mood, and one’s general state of happiness.

With CBD controlling the nervousness, people can enjoy sex without any pressure.

2) Decrease Pain

Not only does CBD reduce chronic pain either induced from daily activities or serious illnesses, but it can also lower the pain experienced during sex.

Plenty of products contain CBD oil, such as CBD lube and balm, to make sex more pleasurable and less painful.

As a general rule of thumb, CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that essentially help everyone cancer patients to people in general discomfort.

With those qualities in mind, CBD can reduce the pain that some people may be struggling with when it comes to their sex life. 

For example, a CBD-infused balm can essentially aid women undergoing painful sexual intercourse due to vaginal dryness or irritation. 

CBD is used for chronic pain; it may as well be used for pain originating from a different situation.

3) Better sensations

CBD oil simply makes sex feel better, as it helps with achieving orgasms at a higher rate. Therefore, with or without discomfort, sex will always be more pleasurable and fun with a little help from CBD.

For females, the cannabinoid receptors seem to be located in the reproductive tract, 

where the uterus, vagina, vulva, and other organs play a significant role in the pleasures and the pain of sexual intercourse.

CBD is considered to be a vasodilator, meaning as blood vessels are dilated that, the influence of CBD ultimately allows fresh oxygenated blood to flow easily. With that phenomenon in mind, increased blood flow and nerve sensations enhance sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms for all parties involved.

Men who experience erectile dysfunction can benefit from CBD oil as well to not feel insecure in general and enjoy sex on a functional level.

Either way, for a better sexual experience, CBD would be a great choice to consider.

4) No pressure on the heart

CBD is known for aiding people in cardiovascular diseases and relieving stress put upon the heart in general. Sex can be quite an exercise for some people, and CBD can control the dangerous sides.

As mentioned before, CBD is anti-inflammatory and can dilate blood vessels, thus allowing fresh oxygen to circulate throughout the human body. Stress before or during a performance does not help and lead to a tense experience for both parties.

Research presents that CBD oil alleviates high blood pressure, which can aid sexual Intercourse.

5) Sets the mood

Once the stress and anxiety are washed away with CBD oil, the mood is right there in the bedroom. All distractions and worries are reduced once the effect of CBD kicks in. 

A neurotransmitter in the brain is associated with oxytocin or the “love hormone”. When CBD oil is applied, it can essentially increase the natural neurotransmitters and endorphins that are made independently, leading to a better sexual experience.

In short, CBD oil has a positive effect on your thinking and activates the right senses for stress-free intercourse. 

The body is more complex than you think. While CBD reacts well with oxytocin, studies have shown that oxytocin levels vary. In the initial stages of romantic involvement, oxytocin levels seem to be higher than usual and provide for a good performance. 

CBD eliminates a lot of factors that negatively affect love-making, and thus sets the mood for positive sex life. 

6) CBD users seem to be having more sex 

While CBD helps improve sex life in general, users have been having more sexual intercourse than those who do not take any cannabis.

The United States National Survey of Family Growth had surveyed more than 50,000 people to test this phenomenon. The results were astonishing, demonstrating that cannabis users have more sex than non-users.

Interestingly, there was no pattern within the study; the only commonality was that cannabis users had better sex lives. Results were consistent with both men and women across all age groups, religions, races, ethnicities, and educational and income levels.

There are still some reasons for why CBD users have more time in the bedroom that are unknown. The only cause researchers have to assume is that individuals that are “free-spirited” seem to be more experimental with sexual intercourse, and CBD being a relaxant helps you do that.

Perhaps all of the benefits listed above might be the reason as to why the sex lives of CBD users seem to be in an upward trajectory.

Since CBD is already used for general treatment purposes, the substance can be used in the same scientific way to improve people’s sex lives and overall performance in the bedroom.

While it may seem unconventional, there is nothing to be shy of. Businesses are booming with helping those who want to have a better time, meaning that there are plenty of people out there in the world who are searching for the same thing.

Ultimately, CBD-infused products for sexual intercourse work for many reasons, and it only makes sense that using CBD oil will free you from all of your stress and pain, making your experience better in bed.

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