Prom night is an ideal occasion for a high school girl to enjoy the formal dance. It can be your last dance of high school life, so you will try to do something special. For prom night, girls focus on red carpet dresses, nail art, and hairstyles and ignore the most important things. If you are preparing for prom, here are some shopping secrets to ace your look without breaking your bank.

Consider Value of a Prom Dress

Shopping for the best prom dresses is enough to make you sacrifice your debit card. Prom shoppers often disturb their budget after purchasing a prom dress. They usually look for expensive dresses because they consider it a status symbol. They wrongly believe that a costly glitzy dress can make their prom memorable.

Keep it in mind that you will wear a prom dress/gown once. In rare cases, a girl can wear her prom dress again. The real value of a prom dress lies in its versatility. A dress should enhance and complement your current wardrobe. You can wear a pink dress with bunches of rhinestones and multiple layers of tulle at the bodice. Before purchasing this dress, keep it in mind that you are spending $700 or even more for one night.

It is not necessary that you will look beautiful in an expensive dress. Sometimes, cheap prom dresses can make you look classic and elegant. Try to purchase a prom dress that you can wear again.

Beware the Song of Silver, Sparkly Pumps

Girls prefer high heels because they complement their prom gowns. This concept is crazy because you can’t dance in heels. It is time to destigmatize wearing flip-flops or flat to prom. If you can’t dance in heels, you should not waste your money on them. Keep it in mind that you can’t wear high heels or big shoes in your regular life. Ultimately, you will donate them, so there is no need to spend money on the wrong shoes.

The Best Undergarments

Try to invest in a good bra to complement your dress, dance moves, and body type. Choose a bra for whole night coverage and comfort. You can’t spend your evening adjusting your dress and avoiding wardrobe malfunctions. Carefully shop your undergarments to avoid prom disasters.

DIY Beauty

You can save money by avoiding expensive treatments at a salon. Instead of spending money on professional manicures, you can do it yourself. Feel free to ask your friend or relative to help you with doing hair, nails, and makeup for prom. Keep it in mind that you can do a better job for your hair and face than a beautician.

Try to control your impulses while buying jewelry and accessories for prom. Avoid wasting money on rare pieces that you can’t wear on other events. If you can’t afford a tiara, avoid it and use a beautiful head accessory. Purchase multipurpose accessories and jewelry to reuse them on other occasions.

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