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How a Lawyer Can Help You with Short-Term Disability Caused by an Accident

Workers can protect themselves from financial hardship in the case of a sudden illness or injury thanks to short-term disability insurance. For a limited time, those who become disabled can rely on short-term disability payments, which replace a portion of their regular income.

However, certain beneficiaries may need help getting their due payments. This happens even if the insured has paid all required payments and qualifies for benefits. In such a circumstance, a short-term disability insurance lawyer can help you get the dues you deserve.

What is Short-Term Disability?

If an employee is sick or hurt and can’t do their job for a short period, a short-term disability policy will pay them a portion of their regular wage. Typically, it constitutes between 40 to 60 percent of a worker’s weekly compensation.

When an employee has an injury or illness that prevents them from working, short-term disability coverage normally kicks in between the first and fourteenth day. Short-term disability can last anywhere from nine weeks to 52 weeks, depending on the policy.

Who Bears the Cost of Temporary Disability?

Both employers and employees might choose to cover the cost of a short-term disability policy. Third-party sellers, such as Aflac, may also supply this. Short-term disability insurance has similar eligibility standards whether you get it via your workplace or a private insurer.

Ways a Lawyer Can Help You to Claim Short-Term Disability

There are several ways a lawyer can help you to make a claim successful:

1. Giving you the information you need to protect your legal rights

Disability insurance plans are notoriously difficult to understand because they frequently use insurance jargon. This fact could make it more difficult to figure out what protections and responsibilities come with a certain policy.

Your attorney can help you make sense of the legalese and determine what benefits you are entitled to. And, what steps you need to take to protect your claim.

2. Acts as a liaison

With the help of legal representation, you can be confident that your communications with the insurance provider are timely, complete, and correct, including any requests for reconsideration.

A lawyer can act as your liaison with the insurance company to ensure that no part of your claim is neglected or mismanaged.

3. Putting up a strong case

A lawyer can ensure your claim or appeal is supported by enough evidence of your condition. If the insurance company denies your claim, a lawyer can also represent you in an appeal to the firm.

You have a better chance of winning when represented by a reliable attorney.

Bottom Line

Without a qualified attorney, it can be difficult to successfully pursue the short-term disability benefits to which you may be entitled. Short-term disability insurance providers, like any other business, are in it to make a profit. One common tactic is searching for loopholes to avoid paying out benefits.

It’s important to get an experienced attorney if you’re applying for a short-term disability following a car accident, so you don’t end up in a position where your application is denied. An attorney specializing in auto accidents can examine your insurance policy and help you understand its deadlines and proof requirements.

In addition, they can direct you through the claims procedure and assist you in gathering the medical records and other proof you’ll need to prove that an accident rendered you disabled.

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