Jailbreaking a phone is more common now than ever before. In fact, about 14,051,500 iPhones running iOS 6 are jailbroken.

Most users who choose to jailbreak their phones are doing so to personalize their user experience. It can give phone owners more control over how their phone functions.

Of course, it’s not something you want to attempt without help from an expert. Too many uninformed users have bricked their phone from jailbreaking it improperly.

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I jailbreak my phone?” check out this list of pros and cons before deciding. 

Reasons to Jailbreak My Phone

There are a lot of pros to jailbreaking your device. You can read about them below.

Access to More Apps

One main reason that people jailbreak their phone is because they want access to more apps. This includes apps that you can’t normally find in the App Store. This is great news for mobile gamers.

Removal of Apps

A less common reason, but added bonus, to jailbreaking your phone is that you can finally remove the annoying native apps that you couldn’t before. These apps come with your phone and take up space, whether or not you use them.

Better Features

Since you have access to more apps, you can improve the features of your phone. One way to do this is by downloading better anti-theft apps. 

Reasons to Not Jailbreak My Phone

There are a few cons to jailbreaking your device. You can read about them below.

No More Updates

Once you jailbreak your phone, you may no longer have access to software updates. This is because some modifications may damage the operating system. That’s why it’s important that the person who jailbreaks your phone knows what they’re doing.

The Brick Risk

Again, you don’t want someone inexperienced jailbreaking your phone. There is something even worse that can occur than losing access to updates – you could brick your phone entirely.

This happens when the jailbreaking process severely damages your phone’s software, in a way that it can never recover from. An iPhone can be restored through iTunes, but an Android phone is lost forever. 

No More Warranty

The worst part about bricking your phone is that you can’t get a new one for free. That’s right – jailbreaking your iPhone means you will lose your phone warranty.

You will not even be able to get simple phone repairs if you have an active jailbreak. New smartphones don’t come cheap, so determine if this cost is worth it for you.

Security Issues

Something that isn’t talked about enough is how jailbreaking your phone leaves you vulnerable to security violations. 

Your phone’s software comes with special security processes and systems to prevent your personal data from being accessed or stolen. Messing with the software, which a jailbreak does, may undo all of that.

More Phone Advice

To jailbreak my phone or not to jailbreak my phone, that is the question. Unfortunately, the answer is not always clear. It depends on the features of your phone that you care more about.

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