When you have been using traditional outdoor lighting, such as incandescent bulbs protected by metal and glass, you might not understand how well solar lighting works in outdoor settings. With the newest solar wall lights, for example, you don’t have to worry about cast-iron frames rusting due to moisture. That alone can be a great reason to invest in the newest products available. Of course, if you have aluminum frames that don’t rust, this isn’t a serious problem, but there’s always the risk of rainwater leaking and causing connection problems inside the unit.

Then, of course, you have to replace the bulbs on a regular basis, because those old bulbs don’t deliver thousands of hours of service like new solar technology does. In fact, if you’re planning to illuminate a walkway or open space that has a wall close by, LED solar wall lights are the perfect choice, for many reasons. Not only will you benefit from not having to install wiring to provide a source of electricity, once you install these units, you can use them, enjoy them, and not have to worry about maintenance. After all, they’re designed to provide long-term performance in exterior settings.

How it Works

Outdoor solar lighting has the necessary solar cell and a rechargeable battery source, which means that when they’re exposed to the sun during the day, they’re building up a charge that will operate the lighting when the sun sets. A key part, commonly called a photo-resistor, is used to detect the light levels, activate the battery and turn the light-emitting diode (LED) on. This self-operating design is the primary benefit, naturally. But there’s more to the benefits list with solar wall lights.

You’ve already read about the lack of wiring, which makes them self-operating. You don’t have to switch them on at night, of course. But you also have more flexibility in placement, since you don’t have to plan for wiring. Just choose the optimal location and prepare to install. Then, you’ll begin to notice another of the primary benefits – lower cost. Not only is the LED technology of solar wall lights remarkably efficient, it will save you a lot of money on utility costs.

Safe, Secure

You can locate them in almost any place outside, since there are not power cords or wiring to be concerned with. If you’d like them on a garden wall surrounding your swimming pool or your landscape pond, you can put them in and enjoy them. This prepares you to enjoy the true long-term benefit, because new power sources in solar wall lights generally give you thousands of hours of performance. In fact, solar wall lights from the leading source in the industry will give you 50,000, 75,000, even 100,000 hours of use.

Many people who haven’t used this technology wonder about taking care of outdoor solar wall lights, or any other outdoor lighting that uses solar power. The truth is you might have to take a few seconds now and then to keep them clean of dust and small debris that naturally gathers in outdoor settings. You can be confident these products are designed to give you hours of stress-free, maintenance free use.