There are 10.6 million pools in the U.S. with California being the state boasting the most swimming pools.

While pools bring families hours of enjoyment, the pool pump works hard to keep the pool water circulating through the pool’s filtration system.

As of July 2021, the Federal Department of Energy set new energy efficiency standards which pool pumps must meet.

Do you need a more energy-efficient pump?

A new pool pump can be expensive but save you money in the end because old pumps are inefficient, plain and simple. Keep reading to find out why you should upgrade your pool pump today.

Should You Switch To A Variable Speed Pump?

Should You Switch To A Variable Speed Pump

A variable speed pump is also known as a multi-speed pump and will be compliant with the new federal regulations, but why should you upgrade from your current pump? Let’s look at the reasons.

Energy Consumption

You can program your variable speed pool pump so that it slows down at night and ramps up during the day or when it’s in use. This decreases energy consumption while still keeping your pool clean.

Programming your pump to work hard only when necessary also puts less wear and tear on the pump making it last longer.

Electricity Savings

Electricity Savings

You’ll save money on your electricity with a variable speed pool pump. It typically takes less than two years to make up for the cost of the pump in energy savings.

The electricity savings are significant, up to 83 percent annually.

Utility Rebate

Upgrading your pool pump may entitle you to a utility rebate. Check with the U.S. Department of Energy and your local power company to ask about potential tax credits and rebates.

Better Filtration

When the water is flowing through the filtration system, it’s best if it goes throw slowly. With a variable speed pump, the water can go through the filter at the slowest speed for little to no turbulence for the best filtering.

Less Noise

Because they don’t run at full speed all the time, variable speed pumps are quieter to use. It’s one of the first things new customers notice. It makes for a more pleasant swimming experience and happier neighbors.

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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Pool Pump?

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Pool Pump

Now that you know the benefits of a more efficient pool pump, you can look into the options available. Speak to a professional to help you figure out the best way to increase your pool’s efficiency while considering your pool’s age, size, features, and location and stay within your budget.

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