Most people spend most of their time inside their homes, but the air in their homes might be 2 to 5 times dirtier than outdoor air. Breathing in dirty air isn’t good for your health, so you need ways to improve indoor air quality.

An air filter replacement is one of the simplest ways to improve indoor air quality, but this isn’t the only reason to replace yours. But how do you know when to replace your air filter?

You can learn when to replace your air filter by learning some signs that indicate it’s time.

What are these signs? Keep reading to learn about five vital ones.

1. Dust in Your House

Types of air filters for home

Finding dust on your furniture isn’t abnormal, as dust is everywhere. However, you can know that it’s time to replace your air filters if you see more dust than usual.

For example, do you have dust on your furniture even though you dusted it yesterday? What causes so much dust to appear in your home?

A dirty air filter can’t remove the dust it should remove. Therefore, your home gets more dust than usual. You’ll see less dust after replacing the filter.

2. Filter Looks Dirty

You might want to look at your air filter every month to see its condition. When you look at the filter compared to a new one, you’ll see how dirty it is. If the filter is really dirty, it’s probably time to replace it.

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3. Worsened Allergies When Home

air filter for home

Poor indoor air quality happens for several reasons, including a dirty air filter. When your indoor air quality suffers, you might notice worsened allergy symptoms.

Therefore, you’ll know it’s time for new air filters if you start sneezing more or experiencing other allergy-related symptoms.

4. HVAC System Running Too Much

A dirty air filter makes an HVAC system run more. After all, an HVAC system needs proper airflow. However, a dirty air filter restricts airflow, leaving the system fighting to get enough.

Therefore, you might notice your HVAC system running too much or not cooling or heating your home as it should. When this occurs, it’s probably time for fresh air filters.

5. Dirty Vents

Change Your Air Filter

Finally, you might want to look at your HVAC vents, which you’ll find in every room in your home. If your vents are dirty, you will likely need a new air filter.

A dirty filter doesn’t collect the dust and dirt in your air, forcing the system to send dirty air throughout your home.

Air Filter Replacement Is Vital for Cleaner Air

Air filter replacement isn’t a difficult task. Instead, it takes only a few minutes and is simple. Your home and indoor air will be cleaner if you change your filter routinely.

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