When your company has a small staff, you may have people who work alone during certain parts of the day. There are a few tips below that show you need to create a lone worker policy. You should use this information to manage your business properly, and you should train your staff on what to do when you are managing your business.

Check the signs below

You Have Workers Alone In The Dark

A lone working procedure is essential for everyone who ends up working alone in the middle of the night or early morning. People who work in the middle of the night or early morning likely do not mind being alone, but they are far more vulnerable than people who work in the middle of the day.

Your Have Workers Who Manage Money Alone

When you have your workers collect money that they must deposit, you should build a lone worker policy. The lone worker policy ensures that your staff can stay safe. You can hire a security company that will assist you around your facility, but your workers still need policies they can follow.

Your Business Is Located In A Remote Area

If your business is located in a remote area, you must teach your staff how to manage the property when they are alone. Someone who is working alone all day does not have other people around who can help them. You must create a policy that ensures your staff is safe. You could be sued if something happens to your employees when they are working, and you could not live with yourself if a lone employee disappeared from a remote location.

You Do Not Use Much Technology

A lone worker procedure must be implemented when you do not use much technology around your building. You can use the policy to circumvent any issues you may have around the building, or you might want to work with a technology provider to upgrade your building. If people that work for you do not feel safe, you must make changes.

You Have A Hard Time Hiring Staff

You may have a hard time hiring staff because people do not want to work in an outdated or unsafe building. You need to consider why your building is unsafe, and you should ask for advice. You can copy what other companies in the area are doing, or you could work with an employee who knows how to set up a security system.

Your Business Is Obviously Filled With Valuable Items

You must create a lone worker policy when people know that your business manages expensive equipment or items. If you manage an RV storage facility, you must create a policy to protect your building from intruders. You may need to hire a security guard, or you might want to overlap work shifts.

Can You Create A Better Lone Worker Policy Today?

You can create a better lone worker policy today if you consider the safety of everyone on the staff. You can overlap work shifts, add security cameras, and hire a security guard. You might want to want to create a policy that asks all your staff members to leave the building together, or you could use a time-locked safe.


Your business will thrive when it creates a safer place for everyone to work. You should enact policies that will make people want to work for your company. You can create a better place for everyone to work, and you can change the way that you manage money or property. A time-locked safe, security alarm, and better lights along with proper scheduling will keep lone workers safe.

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