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Signs Your Marriage May Be Over

Deciding to end your marriage is no easy task. You must be sure of what you’re about to do. In fact, you must try to save your marriage.  After all, when you got married, divorce wasn’t part of the plan.

Marriage is a full-time job. You must invest and work on your marriage to ensure success. Leaving the work to one person will always create a feeling of imbalance and it’ll be the start of marital problems.  You can learn the secrets of a long and happy marriage by visiting sites like In Newsweekly.

To get you started, here are some signs that your marriage might be on the rocks

1. No communication.

Over 50% of divorced couples claim poor communication was the reason for the split.

Communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It develops trust and honesty between couples for keeping the wedding vows.

If communication in the marriage is deteriorating and there are no hopes of reviving it, your marriage is probably at the point of no return.

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2. Arguing constantly.

Arguing occasionally is not bad for marriage. It’s human nature to disagree on certain issues. However, if you are always arguing, friendship fades and the outcome is not pleasing.

Constant arguments evolve from simple arguments to personal critiques, to no talk without arguing, and, finally, to no arguments at all.

When you feel these warning signs, you need to proceed with caution because such conditions are unfavorable for the stability of any marriage.

3. Nonexistent intimate life.

Are you becoming roommates instead of a couple? Is your sex life becoming boring and you don’t feel like being emotionally intimate? These are serious concerns you should pay attention to.

These signs are never good for marriages. Marriages are built on emotions and physical attraction. If your marriage is lacking intimacy, then that’s a red flag to worry about.

You have a choice to save the marriage, make that choice. Put in extra efforts to rekindle intimacy.

4. You are always thinking about separation.

Having thoughts of separating from your partner is a sign that you no longer feel attracted to the other person. This can be caused by some factors like intimacy problems, financial problems, and a feeling of emptiness.

When you have these thoughts, you imagine your life without your significant other. This is the exact opposite of why you got married. If you feel you want more from your marriage, confront your partner, and explain how you feel. Then you can decide your future course of action.

5. Therapy is not working.

Seeking therapy is a solution to fix broken marriages. Marriage counseling will help you figure out what’s wrong and give you a chance to correct those mistakes.

If you’ve tried all sorts of counseling and feel that there’s no chance of turning things around, then a split is inevitable.

6. You won’t apologize.

Never underestimate the value of the word “sorry”. Sometimes you must admit that you’re wrong and apologize. Many marriages have ended because the partners have ignored this important detail necessary for building relationships.

Strong marriages are not built on pride. If your partner can’t swallow their pride and apologize when they’re wrong, then it’s a sign your marriage is in trouble.

7. You share nothing and keep secrets.

Sharing feelings, ideas, and experiences is a sign of a healthy marriage. Couples share their problems and work together to find solutions.

When you stop sharing, bonds become weaker and you keep secrets from your partner. Not being able to share thoughts with your significant other results from trust issues and it’s not a good sign.

8. Infidelity.

Violating your marriage contract by going against the vows is a deal-breaker. The moment you break the vows by having an emotional or a physical relationship outside marriage, you break trust.

Trust issues are difficult to overcome and it’s difficult to revert to the normal state. Your partner may forgive you, but forgetting isn’t that easy. Remembering that act can cause emotional detachment, eventually leading to a split. These signs are red flags. However, divorce doesn’t have to be the only option when you see any of these signs. With proper communication, you can solve marriage problems, at least for the sake of your kids.  Find out more about how to save your marriage and overcome all obstacles. Stay happily married!

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