Referred to as industrial sand, corrosion- and weather-resistant silica sand is the most important structural component in a host of construction products so as to ensure structural integrity and durability.

It is amazing when you take a look at all the things that silica sand is used for. The sand is quartz and over time nature breaks the quartz down into tiny granules.

Uses of Silica Sand

The unusual usages of silica sand

It is mind-boggling to realize that the sand isn’t only used in regular, everyday items such as construction materials and glass, but unbelievably in electronics and even personal care products.

It is the sand’s strength and its non-reactive properties that make the sand so indispensable when it comes to producing so many everyday products.

In fact, silica sand is the main component of all kinds of glass, with its chemical purity being what determines its clarity, strength and color. This glass is highly sought after for the food and beverage industries as well as for automotive use as well as for scientific tubers and lamps.

Anti-corrosion properties

Silica is industrial sand which is an important structural component in a wide variety of building projects. Whole grain silica finds usage in skid-resistant surface and flooring compounds among others to provide strength, packing density as well as anti-corrosion properties for some products.

Another use for silica sand is that ground silica is important for the ceramic and glazing industries. Look around your golf courses and you will find silica in golf course bunkers as well as being used in sports turf applications.

Perhaps silica is best known for its abilities with the filtration of drinking water as well as the processing of wastewater. Because of its size and shape, silica is an effective filtration bed that efficiently removes contaminants from water.

The beauty of silica sand is that it won’t degrade when it comes into contact with solvents or acids.

Known also as frac sand, silica is also used in wells to open rock fissures. This opening up is important for the flow rate of oil and gas. Whole grain deposits are used to prevent formation cuttings entering the well bore. It is silica’s hardness that ensures the crush resistance of the high pressures found in deep wells.

The way silica sand is used depends on its characteristics such as shape, grain size and strength, and of course, these characteristics of the sand can differ depending on how it is processed once it is mined.

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