Mitsubishi Starion body kit is designed for the 3-door sports Mitsubishi Starion car. This car is extremely popular. Presented with the front-engine, it offers a layout of rear-wheel drive with the option 2.0 or 2.6-liter engine known as turbocharged Inline-four engine.

Moreover, it is amongst the initial turbocharged performance Japanese vehicles that come with an electronic injection for fuel. Mitsubishi Starion is extremely famous for its modifications. Whereas, there is nothing new in performance upgrades. To unleash the maximum potential of your vehicles you need to consider few highly important building blocks.

Simple guidance has been provided below to upgrade your car properly for handling and horsepower. Here are the guidelines for the Mitsubishi Starion body kit.

A Simple Guideline For Mitsubishi Starion Body Kit

  • Set up for suspension
  • Coilover basics
  • Air suspension
  • Sway bars
  • Brakes

Set Up For Suspension

Set Up For Suspension

Make sure always that suspension in your car works quicker than the car’s engine. Knowing that your car will go fast is always less important than the surety to stop and turn your car. Dialing in the suspension of Mitsubishi Starion can associate with controlling your competition. Similarly, it depends on the kind of racing you participate in; it will give you even a good time.

Moreover, if the suspension in your car is softer and has come directly from the manufacturing factory it will be going to handle poorly until and unless you get it replaced by Coilover. Whereas Coilover is the performance setup.

Furthermore, the handling also gets negatively affected by worn-out or old suspension; therefore, it must be replaced. Particularly, if the car is utilized for spirited driving, such suspension should get changed because in this sort of driving handling is very crucial.

Coilover Basics

Coilover Basics

For setting up damping and height of a Mitsubishi Starion Coilover permits to lower the center of gravity of the car and to solidify chassis for enhancing control and cornering. Through this, not just a car appears sportier but also transformed into the highest performance machine. You can consider it as the changing of modification into perceptible wheel horsepower.

Tips For Selecting Coilover Basics

Tips For Selecting Coilover Basics

Coilover is available in different types and brands in the market. You just need to select the right Coilover that meets your needs. There are four things that you should consider while acquiring Coilover for Mitsubishi Starion.

  1. Spring rates
  2. Valving and spring adjustability
  3. Top mount
  4. Monotube design

Air Suspension

For a hefty track, if not using Mitsubishi Starion’s particularly designed suspension options then air suspension will be an alternate great choice. Now available in the market numerous air suspension kits are mainly utilized for show or streetcars are stout enough to endure the use for the light track as well.

However, the debate is pretty heated between people who prefer air suspension or Coilover. Moreover, the air’s height adjustability of this air suspension has non-parallel. Similarly, this feature has made the Mitsubishi Starion suspension a strong option. So, the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, choose wisely keeping your need in your mind.

Sway Bars

While modifying a Mitsubishi Starion sway bar is another thing that you should consider. Almost all cars manufactured in factories are modified by default with biased understeer. Thereby, these cars become tranquil to drive much safer and within their limit.

Also, the size of a bar and the bar itself create a lot of difference while handling a Mitsubishi Starion car. Always remember, the geometry of a vehicles’ suspension gets changes by lowering a vehicle.

Although it can lead to incorrect preload of these sway bars. Ultimately, it will result in damages or volatile handling characteristics. For avoiding these worse cases and to preload accurately these sway bars it is suggested to utilize adjustable end links.


Undoubtedly moving your car fast is real fun however, at peak power how will you stop your car well? That’s the point you should carefully contemplate for building your car. No matter, if you are constructing a street or race car the point is how fine you will be to push the brake. Apart from this, how often notable differences will make by you also matters.

The kits for big brakes contain larger calipers bearing many contact pins. In each caliper, these pins compress and hold larger pads for the brake. If you have a larger surface on the brake pad on the rotor of the brake you will push the pedal of the brake in lesser time to stop.

Further, it will prevent brake fade. For dissipating heat that comes from the process of braking these larger calipers help a lot thus leading to fewer brake fades. Being capable of braking in style, safely, and efficiently has made the big brake kit by Mitsubishi Starion a critical component for building your car.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guidance would help you to prolong the life of your Mitsubishi Starion Car by taking care of its body kit.

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