Online casinos have received a lot of attention recently with thousands of websites opening up day in day out. Traditionally, people would wait until Friday of a week to go outside with a couple of friends and gamble away for a few laughs and perhaps even win a lottery. Many people would attend special nights such as pokers on a Thursday in a casino or go listen to jazz as a Monday blues theme at a casino.

Nowadays, you don’t need to go out of your way to have a bit of fun and make some cash at a casino. Simply have all that in the palm of your hands with a smartphone. However, unlike traditional casinos where you buy chips with cash or credit card payments, how do you buy coins or chips using an online casino? This is where Siru comes in. It’s the best e-wallet while paying online.

Siru: A revolutionary e-wallet for the casino enthusiasts

A revolutionary ewallet for the casino enthusiast

Siru is an online payment solution that allows users to make payments either using Siru Mobile or Siru Wallet. It is the best e-wallet while paying online. Siru mobile allows people to make payments through Siru by using their bank cards while Siru wallet makes payments through money already existing in the e-wallet. However, Norwegian audiences may find access to only Siru wallets and not Siru mobile.

Siru has some great features that set it apart from its competitors. Casino players are not required to have their mobile phone at hand to issue payments for playing online casino games. They can simply call Siru and make payments using a landline phone or the phone booth around the street.

So, if you were worried about getting carried away with online casino gaming, then Siru is perfect for you. Siru has monthly limits on how much money can be spent on online casinos which is considerably lower than what other payment solution services offer. This is a great way to spend less and monitor your payments while enjoying online casino games while on the go.

How to use Siru in three steps

How to use Siru in three steps

Keeping in mind online casino gamers and the common man, Siru is made to be convenient and easy to use. In three simple steps, you can easily be playing online on your favorite casino game.

  1. Create a user account on Siru
  2. Transfer money from your bank to your Siru wallet
  3. Deposit money from Siru wallet to the online casino

Before you use Siru, please note that the application and services provided by Siru come at a cost. It is not free but unlike many online payment solutions, Siru services are pocket friendly. It is an inexpensive way to make deposits to online casinos, unlike other payment solutions.

What if you’re done with playing online casino games and want to do some online shopping for the day. Siru has got you covered as the online payment solution has been approved by many eCommerce shops as a payment method. Now you can use Siru not only for depositing money into online casino accounts but also pay for your online shopping.

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