The UK introduced the Gambling Act of 2005 15 years ago. The US banned online casinos a year later while Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. Fast forward to 2020 and Britain is a haven for online casinos.

The US is still lagging behind in online gambling legalization. But the iPhone is one of the most popular gaming devices for slot machines. What else has changed? Put simply, a lot has happened to slot machines.

Here’s what we mean

Mobile Slots

Although Microgaming created the first mobile slot in 2004, it took until the early 2010s for mobile slots to grow popular. At the time, mobile gaming technology was still at an early stage. And as such, mobile slots didn’t have the features, graphics and controls of computer-based slots.

Gladly, times have since change. And today, some of the biggest names in the video game world believe mobile games are as enjoyable as console games. Tim Sweeney, the Fortnite billionaire, for example, thinks more developers should get into the mobile gaming business.

And sure enough, there’s plenty of money to be made in mobile gaming. Smartphone gaming is worth $63 billion, according to research firm Statista. Closer home, mobile slots generate roughly a third of the $59 online gambling annual revenue.

What are the most player mobile slots? That’s the best part. Your favorite computer slots can be your preferred iPhone slots. That’s because nearly every game you can play on your PC can also be played on your android device.

Graphics and Video Quality

The early 2000s were simpler times for slot fans. A game only needed have a little bit of color on the video screen, working reels and paying symbols and it would gather fans. It didn’t matter the slots weren’t beautiful.

Back then, the joy of playing slots didn’t necessarily come from looking at it. Instead, it was the act of betting, listening to the rhythmic soundtracks and triggering winning symbols that did it for many players.

All the same, slots changed drastically in the last 15 years. The graphics are beautiful and advanced. The video resolutions are HD and full HD or better while the music is equally phenomenal. If you need proof, take a look at these 3D slots by Betsoft:

  • Chilli Pop
  • Pinocchio
  • Mamma Mia
  • Tycoons

Best Slot Sites in the USA

With the technology used in slots changing every year, online casinos also needed to improve. For example, they had to enhance their designs for better navigability. They also changed to become mobile compatible and worked on their security.

Oh, yeah—gambling laws in the US also changed. Although online casinos had been banned in 2006, the office of the Attorney General interpreted the Wiretap Act to only include sports betting in 2011.

And as a result, states had the freedom to legalize online casinos. Still, to be clear, not every state permits online slots and card games. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia are some of the states where all forms of Internet gambling are allowed.

If you live in one of these states, more so PA and NJ, can help you find the best slot sites in the USA. Hint: some of the most reliable slot sites in the USA are owned by famous land-based casinos. The rest are successful brands from the UK and Europe.

They Have Become Complex

As we mentioned earlier, classic slots are simple games. They have three reels, dated graphics and a limited number of paying symbols. Today’s slots are a lot more complicated. Let’s start with their themes and storylines.

Back in the ‘90s, most slots didn’t even have a storyline. They had fruity, sports, animal or celebrity themes. But they didn’t feature storylines with plots and sub-plots. They didn’t require you to make decisions that influence how the game ends. Or give you an option to buy free spins and multipliers.

All these are features you can find at modern slot machines. Developers incorporate them to make casino games more interactive and more entertaining. In-game features also give players a sense of winning regularly—Free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, scatters.

Huge Jackpots

Progressive jackpots have come a long way since 2005. At the time, they were a small niche with a reputation for paying poorly. But with time, people embraced these games, mainly because they improved their grand prizes.

By 2015, progressive jackpots were more popular than some table games, cough *Keno* cough. Popularity aside, progressive slots have also improved in design and features. Take Mega Moolah as an example.

It’s the most famous online games out there. It has turned over a dozen players into millionaire, including an ex-soldier. However, Mega Moolah also works like a regular slot. You could opt out of the jackpot to chase small wins. You can also play the game on mobile devices, both iOS and Android gadgets.

High Payout Rates (RTP)

One of the reasons why people avoid classic slots is that they don’t payout very well. Most of them pay up between 85% and 90% of wagered money. Some developers are remaking their old games with improved RTPs.

But when you compare slots in 2005 and slots in 2020, today’s games payout at better rates. Indeed, games like Mega Joker, Ooh, Aah Dracula and Ugga Bugga have an RTP of 99% each—the best you can get.

In case you’re wondering, a high RTP is important because it shows you the games you should play. You want to pay the best RTP slots because they give you the best chance of winning. That said, it’s also essential to look at game variance and reviews to know more about a slot.

Your Turn

Although some classic slots are fun to play, they play second fiddle to modern slots in nearly every way. That’s because the technology behind slots has improved drastically. On the flip side, there are more developers, some of whom are incredibly creative when designing games.

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