When it comes to improving our homes, patio doors are often overlooked. It’s a shame because patio doors are the unsung heroes of a home.

They’re functional and beautiful. They set the atmosphere for the rest of your interior decorating.

There are two main patio door styles that top any homeowners list: sliding doors and French doors. These styles are well-known and well-loved. But which one is the best?

Keep reading to find out which is the victor in this battle of sliding doors vs French doors.

Sliding Doors

A sliding door is one made of a large panel of glass set on a frame that rolls back and forth when you open it. This sliding mechanism is unique to this style of the patio door. Because of its easy usage and the fact that they take up little room, these doors exist in many homes around the world.

They have other names, such as gliding glass doors, aluminum sliding doors, or sliding glass doors.


Sliding doors are much easier to use when compared to French doors. The door has rollers underneath the frame that makes moving the door from left to right easy. Even children and those with strength problems have no trouble using these doors.

The grooves in which those wheels sit is the main worry for a sliding door. Keeping the grooves clean is key to retaining that ease-of-use. Depending on how often you use the door, this might result in a chore you’ll need to do every week to prevent build up.

The single pane of glass does make it easier to clean the door itself, however! It also allows the full amount of sunlight to stream into your home without any frame hindering its path.


If you ever wondered whether a French door or sliding door is the right option for your small home, a sliding door is far more fitting. This door doesn’t open outwards like a normal door, so it takes up no extra room at all.

It fits right in no matter where you place it, whether it’s your dining room or even a remodeled kitchen.


Most sliding doors are much the same: a panel of clear glass sitting on a frame. These doors won’t win any prizes but they are functional and get the job door.

But there are some customizations available to give these modern patio doors more interest.

It’s possible to find a frame with a different color or texture instead of the typical white plastic found in a lot of apartments. It’s not hard to paint the frame yourself if you want to get an exact match to your home’s decorations.

With such a large pane of glass available to you, there are design options there as well. For example, engraving the glass with a pattern gives it a new spark of character. Something small at the bottom, like vines or flowers, lets you get that extra element without obscuring too much of the glass.

French Doors

If you want something with a lot of character and class, French doors fill that role with no problems at all. Once seen often in large vintage homes, these beautiful doors are more popular these days in everyday homes than ever before.

These doors consist of smaller panes of glass set in a white frame that uses a hinge to open and close. These doors almost always come in pairs, but purchasing a single exterior French door is possible.

They’re most known by the name of French doors, or sometimes hinged patio doors.


Such large doors make opening and closing a little more difficult. They’re a little heavier than your standard door which is bad news for anyone who has trouble handling heavy objects. Even though there are two doors, you don’t need to open both at one time.

The nice thing is that you have a wide area of open space if you need it. This is great for things like bringing in new furniture or letting lots of fresh summer air into your home.

With many little panels of glass, French doors aren’t the easiest to clean. The framing for these panels also blocks out a bit more sunlight than the single panel of a sliding door.


These beautiful French glass doors are much larger and take up more space when compared to sliding glass doors. You won’t want to place any furniture too close to the doors or else they may get in the way when you next open the door.

When closed, these doors take up no more room than any other type of door. It’s when they’re in use that you may come into some problems.


These doors are beautiful and strike a stunning figure in any household. They have a classic appeal that is hard to beat, fitting in with even the fanciest of house designs.

It raises up the overall appearance of any room it sits in, which makes them appealing for lots of different houses. More modern styles may find it difficult to match the classic French door look with their design, but it’s not hard to mix and match.

It’s possible to find the frames in other colors, but the most traditional is the pure look of a white frame with clear glass.

Who Wins the Battle of Sliding Doors Vs French Doors?

As you’ve seen, each door has both pros and cons that tip the battle one way or the other. Sliding doors take little space, remain sturdy, obstruct less sunlight, and have fewer moving parts to worry about. French doors are classic and beautiful and make for a stunning addition to a home capable of handling its wide range.

But at the end of the day, the winning features all depend on your own individual preferences and desires. What works for one family doesn’t work for another.

So the winner of the ultimate sliding doors vs French doors showdown? Well, it’s a draw. And you’re the deciding vote for which one works best for you and your home.

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