How many speeding tickets have you collected by far? Are you on the verge of getting your license suspended or, worse, going to jail?

The United States of America issues 93,000 tickets every single day, which accounts for $5.1 billion every year. If you do not want to contribute to this amount, some easy tricks can help you keep speeding tickets at an arm’s length.

Here is how you can avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Tips To Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket

  • Abide by the traffic laws

Abide by the traffic laws

Well, it should be taken as read. This means, if you stick to the rules, you will never have to hold a speeding ticket in your hand. Moreover, you will save yourself from fatal crashes caused due to speeding.

Highways and roads have speed limit signs. Keep an eye out for these signs while driving. If you spot one, sneak a look at your speedometer. Make sure you don’t speed your vehicle.

  • Leave your home early

Well, before you start wondering how leaving home early can save you from getting a speeding ticket, let us tell you that most drivers exceed the speed limit only because they are late. People usually turn highways into race tracks and are seen rushing because they are running late.

If you pre-plan your commute/travel and leave home early, you won’t have to step on the gas to reach on time.

  • Stay in the middle

Well, this hack may not always work, but trying it will not harm you. Try to stay in the middle. The cars speeding at the front and the back of the herd are more susceptible to get speeding tickets.

  • Use an app

While you already use the latest apps to book a table at the restaurant, pay your bills, and call a cab, why not use it to save you from getting a speeding ticket?

Several apps help you steer clear from getting into this situation. These apps contain a database of fixed speed cameras, red-light camera locations, and speed traps. They alert you about police traps and mobile speed cameras, allowing you to lift your feet from the gas at the right time.

Many apps use robust tools and alert you about the speed limit changes on the route you are taking. Thus, keeping you well informed about all the threats.

  • Be respectful

Be respectful

If you happen to get caught by the law enforcement officer for driving past the speeding limit, be respectful and courteous. Maintain your calm and be polite. A frenzy of rage is only going to make the condition worse for you.

When you see the officer approaching you, place both your hands on the steering wheel. Stay calm and talk to the officer politely.

  • Use a radar detector

We must first inform you that radar detectors are not legal in some areas in the United States of America. So if you are in or traveling to Virginia or Washington DC, steer clear from using a radar detector.

This device detects the electromagnetic frequency of portable radar systems and alerts you on sensing the presence of these systems so that you can mellow down your speed.

But before you install one, make a list of the states where using this device is illegal.

  • Keep your car in the best shape

Keep your car in the best shape

Broken tail lights, neon undercarriage lights, heavily-tinted windows, etc., are troublemakers for any driver. If you happen to run into a police officer while speeding, the officer will certainly look for other pain points. Hence, keep your car clean and well-maintained.

  • Request for prolongation

Having more time between your confab with the police officer and the court date will help you prepare well for your defense. Moreover, as police officers encounter speeding events every day a hundred times, they may not remember the precise details of your speeding event. It will definitely work in your favor.

The Bottom Line

Being a responsible, law-abiding citizen is a viable way of keeping yourself out of all this speeding ticket soup. But if, unfortunately, you get stuck with an officer with a speeding ticket in hand, use these tips to dodge all the troubles on the road.

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