Microsoft is engaged in designing a watch device which is touch-enabled and with the potential of being like the rivals e.g. Apple while working on a class of some computing products, as told by the suppliers’ executives.

According to the executives, earlier in this year, the Asian suppliers were asked by Microsoft to ship the components required for a device that’s watch-style. One of the executives said that he met the research and development team of Microsoft at the company’s headquarters at Redmond, Wash. But they said that it is not clear if Microsoft will choose to go further with this watch.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has refused to remark.

Some large technology companies and some investors are betting about a prosperous in computerized and wearable devices manufactured around the increasing power and reduced sensors’ size that could sense the voice commands by people around, geographic location and body temperature.

The new wearable gadgets as FuelBand by Nike measure the physical activity whereas some others tend to supplement the functions performed by a smartphone, like taking photos, checking weather and receiving the text messages. According to Wall Street earlier in this year, Apple also experimented on designs of wristwatch-style device.
According to Wanli Wang, an RBS analyst, it is seen that the growing demand for wearable gadgets as the size of the smartphone has become too big to carry around and a smart watch that is compatible with a smartphone and other electronics devices would be attractive to consumers.

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