El Paso, Texas is nicknamed “the Sun City” for a reason; on average, it gets 297 sunny days a year! This means you can enjoy good weather on most days, soaking in the sun’s rays.

Even better is, this city is excellent for harnessing solar power. Just think of how much you’ll save by capturing this free energy!

However, solar panels aren’t cheap, although they’re a great investment.

So are you wondering about how much solar panels will set you back? Then read on to find out vital information about solar panels in El Paso!

Average Prices for Solar Panels in El Paso

The Most Efficient Solar Panel

On average, you’ll pay anywhere between $10,000 to $56,000 for solar panels and installation. This is a massive range, so let’s narrow down what will affect pricing.

The Size of Your Home

Typically, the bigger your home, the more electricity you’ll need. Therefore, you’ll need more solar panels, which will cost you more.

Solar panel installation will cost smaller homes between $10,000 to $15,000. On the other hand, installation for larger homes will start at over $20,000.

The Type of Solar Panels You Get

Homeowners have the choice of monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels. The former is more efficient, but it’s more expensive.

Don’t forget about the inverter either; the type you choose will affect pricing too.

The Incentives You Get

Estimate Residential Solar Panel Cost

To save some money, don’t forget to apply for the federal solar tax credit (ITC). The federal government offers you a tax credit that’s 26% of the cost of your solar installation.

Also, some Texan utility companies (such as El Paso Electric) offer net metering. This allows you to sell back extra energy generated!

Buying vs Leasing

Some people won’t be able to afford solar panels outright, which is where leasing comes in handy. This lets you reap the benefits of solar energy without having to empty your bank account.

However, you’ll have to pay interest when leasing. So while the monthly payments may be affordable, you’ll be paying more in the long run.

The Solar Installer You Choose

Installers price their services and equipment however they wish. But beware of going cheap, because you’ll get what you paid for!

Considering that solar panels can last for decades if done right, you should make more room in your budget here. Get multiple quotes and don’t pick any outliers.

Solar panels for houses

In the end, the best idea is to speak with a solar panel installer. You can get the information you need and book their services if you’re comfortable with what you’re quoted.

Get Solar Panels in El Paso

Solar panels in El Paso can cost you anywhere between $10,000 and $56,000. The exact price will depend on your personal situation, so the best step is to research solar installers and get several quotes. From there, you can pick someone who will do the job right!

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