An unexpected household emergency is very inconvenient and can also be expensive too. Whether you are looking to deal with a problem that comes up in the middle of the night or you are looking to be ready, there are steps you can take to ensure emergencies don’t turn into large and costly problems.

Below are tips that will help in preparing and dealing with some of the most common household emergencies

When you are locked out

When you are locked out of your home, taking the wrong steps can end up making the situation even worse. Your main focus should be on getting inside your home and not damaging the locks. These two tips will help you.

Looking for a spare. Is there someone you have given a spare key? While it might be an inconvenience for that person, it is going to be a better option than breaking your locks. If you don’t have a spare key now, buy a key hider because it is going to come in handy in the future.

Calling a professional. Rather than damaging the door, call a local locksmith who is going to help you get back inside your home.

Losing power

How you handle a power outage is going to be important for both your wallet and safety. Before heading to the breaker panel when in such an emergency, do the following.

Shut the fridge. This will seal the fridge and retain the cold air, minimizing the chances of your food spoiling. This will help you avoid spending more money on groceries or getting sick.

Unplugging electronics. Random power surges can damage appliances connected to an outlet. Always disconnect sensitive electronics when you lose power.

Pipes freezing

There is nothing worse than your hot water stopping when the weather cools down. There is a high risk of frozen pipes bursting during the winter season. You save yourself thousands in flood damage if you are properly prepared.

Turn off the faucet. If you notice the faucet slowing down to a trickle or fully stopping, it could be a sign that the frozen pipe is about to burst. To prevent further damage, turn off the faucet then call a plumber.

Turning up the heat. The good thing is there is something you can do if a blocked pipe is behind the wall. You can turn up the heat in your home so that the ice can thaw, or heat the area manually using a hairdryer.

Toilet overflows

When the toilet is backed up and overflowing, you need to think fast and take action. Knowing what to do in such a situation is going to help you avoid water damage and expensive repairs.

Taking control of the water flow. The focus should not be on towels, it needs to be on stopping the flow of water. Start by taking off the lid of your toilet, pressing down on the flapper valve, then lifting the float so as to cut the water supply. You will then need to wait until the water level drops back to the normal level.

Taking matters into your own hands. Get a plunger because it is time to take action. Ensure the water in the bowl is enough to cover the plunger. Plunge again and again until the blockage is gone.

Heating or air conditioning goes out

During the cold of winter or the heat of summer, your heating and cooling system needs to be running properly. Your HVAC system needs to be in good shape so you can always stay comfortable in extreme weather.

Getting out of the house. Extreme cold or heat is not only uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous for your health. Don’t lose your cool when the HVAC system breaks down. You can go out for a pool day, visit some friends, or grab a bite.

Maintaining your system. You don’t have to wait until the system breaks down before you give it some attention. You should be replacing the air filters when they get dirty, and taking note of any strange noises coming from the unit. While you may have to spend a little more on replacing worn out parts, it is going to save you a lot because it prevents household emergencies and the need for an emergency loan.

Getting help from a professional. If your heating and cooling system breaks, leave it to the experts. Don’t make the mistake of trying to fix it yourself. An HVAC technician is going to fix the problem and ensure your system is running properly. Season maintenance service is a good way of ensuring your system is ready for whatever weather.

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