It took a while after its introduction, but now it is safe to say that social media has taken over our lives. People who had no profession are now promoting various products and are making a living off of it. Big brands are spending thousands of dollars to ensure that their presence is felt on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But does such a massive competition mean that there is no room for smaller businesses? That is not the case. In fact, starting from scratch can sometimes be a good thing. The most important thing about social media marketing is that you are willing to learn and spend time testing new things. The tips below should work as a perfect reference to everyone who wants to build an audience on either of the biggest social networking platforms in the world.

Prepare a Plan

Start with writing what your goal is, and what you want to achieve with social media. Jumping right it and posting random stuff will not bring you anything sustainable. A good example could be setting a deadline for a certain number of followers, or increasing the traffic to your blog through social media. The more realistic numbers you have in front of you, the easier it will be to keep up with working and not losing motivation.

Research Your Audience

Some Great Social Media Marketing Techniques

Having a good relationship with your audience can be the difference maker between making it or failing completely. Of course, before you can make any connections, you need to understand what they want, and how they act. Consider putting out a survey, asking about their expectations. Look at the demographics and how they behave on social media (their comments, likes, reactions, etc.), reply to any questions, and slowly build your database.

Look at Stats

A good way to determine whether something is worth investing into is looking at stats. There are plenty of other platforms besides Facebook and Instagram out there. Perhaps a certain niche would do better on an entirely different platform. Do you believe that it is worth checking such a thing? If so, when it comes to social media marketing stats 2019, you can find more info here.

Run Contests

Some Great Social Media Marketing Techniques

It is one of the oldest techniques. Everybody loves free stuff, even if they do not actually need it. The first thing you need is coming up with a prize. Again, it can be virtually anything, even a discount coupon. Pick a channel where the contest is to be held. Write a copy that is catchy, and you are almost done. If you decide to go with Facebook, then ask people to like your page, the post, leave a comment, and share it. It will spread and give exposure, which is the goal of such contests. Do not turn back on your word of a giveaway, though. There are quite a few pages out there who announce a giveaway only to give it to a fake person, which is usually an account created by the person running the contest. While such practices are quite popular, do not bother with it, especially if you want to build something for a long-term.

Use Variety

Plain text messages will not do the trick if you are in it for the long game. Video content, images, or anything else you can come up is always a positive thing. The more original your page is, the more likely it is for people to engage with it.

Build Relationships with Other Pages

Some Great Social Media Marketing Techniques

The best approach for this is to share something without getting asked. It could lead to a lot of connections, and even the bigger pages might become interested enough to share what you have on your page. The more connections you have here, the higher your social media status is.

Consider Using Automation Tools

A big chunk of repetitive tasks can disappear if you start using automation tools. They help with scheduling the content, making sure that there are posts planned in advance in case you are going to be going away, and so on. It is not a life-changing thing, but definitely one of those underrated pieces of technology that make everything easier to handle.
So to sum it all up, if you are looking to become more advanced in social media marketing, these few tips could be the difference maker between you making it or not. Your chances will increase even more if you follow more than a couple of these tips, but try to implement as many as possible.

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