Did you know that there are more than 300 million cars in the United States of America? One of the best parts of car ownership is finding ways to turn your rides into souped up cars that everyone will be jealous of. There are a number of cheap ways to soup up your car and make it stand out from the crowd.

Learning how to soup up your car is something that comes with time as you develop a stronger idea of what is important to you. Some people want an incredible sound system while others want a custom appearance. Still others like souping up a car by increasing its performance abilities.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn about the best cars to soup up as well as how to soup up a car and make it look cool.

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Clean Your Engine

Clean Your Engine

One of the most underrated areas where souped up cars stand apart is the engine bay. Having some top-notch aftermarket parts will make a difference when it comes to the appearance of your car’s engine but so will taking measures to clean up your engine. You need to keep your engine bay in a state of cleanliness where it is ready to go to a car show.

Each engine is different so you’ll need to look up the best way to clean your engine, but doing this will go a long way towards making your car look much cooler.

Wax Your Car

If you’re looking for cheap ways to soup up your car then you need to start waxing it after you wash it. A good wax job will keep your car looking clean and new for weeks after you get done washing it. It also provides a barrier that protects your paint from ultraviolet rays and bird poop.

For the best results, go to your local auto shop and look at the best wax kits that they have on sale. Make a habit of waxing your car after each time that you wash it.

Get a New Paint Job

If you want to change up the appearance of your car then you should look into getting a new paint job. Each of the best cars to soup up comes with a set number of options for paint colors from the factory. If you want to make your car stand out then you should look into getting a custom paint job.

This is also a great strategy if you’re wanting to soup up an older vehicle that has faded paint. A new paint job will make your car look brand new and vibrant. You’ll have a ton of exciting colors to choose from along with different finishes for the paint job, like matte or pearlescent.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the colors that you can choose when souping up a car. Have fun with it, as new paint jobs aren’t cheap.

Wrap Your Car

Wrap Your Car

Vinyl wraps are becoming more and more popular with car owners that want to soup up their cars. Vinyl wraps are similar to new paint jobs in the sense that they allow you to make wholesale changes to your car’s appearance. Not only is getting a wrap cheaper than getting a new paint job but it also carries no risk with it.

If you don’t like the way that the wrap looks you can always remove it without causing any damage to your vehicle or its paint. You can decide if you want the wrap to cover the entire exterior of your car or if you want it to cover certain portions.

In addition to changing the way that your car looks, your vinyl wrap will also help to protect the paint underneath. You’ll provide an extra layer of protection from sunlight, road debris, and scratches to your original paint. You’ll also save a ton of money by going this route for souping up a car rather than paying for a permanent new paint job.

Tinting Your Windows

If you want a souped up car then you need to invest in window tint for your car’s windows. Tinted windows give your car that extra sporty appearance and add to your privacy when you’re out on the road. Don’t be ridiculous and get an illegal tint on all of your windows, but a nice 40 percent tint will add a lot to the appearance of your car.

It is wise to check the legal limits in your state for front windows before paying to get your windows tinted. There is no real limit to the darkness of window tint for your rear windows, but your front ones are regulated by your state’s laws.

Failure to comply with the regulations for window tints in your area will result in law enforcement removing your window tint for you and fining you a significant amount of money in the process. Don’t be dumb, make sure that you comply with these laws.

Get a Custom Car Emblem

A great way to show other car enthusiasts that you’re proud of your souped up car is by getting a custom car emblem to replace the original emblem. If you have an established color theme with your vehicle then you should try to get a custom emblem that meshes with your established theme.

If you have a souped up car that is white and black then you can replace your original Subaru emblem with a white and carbon fiber or white and black Subaru emblem. There are tons of great stores that offer custom emblems that you can add to your vehicle with minimal time and effort.

New Headlights

Your headlights are another area where you can find cheap ways to soup up your car. One of the best modifications that you can do with your headlights is to install LED headlight bulbs. Many cars come with stock headlight bulbs that have a yellow color to them.

Not only do they look cheap but they do a poor job of lighting up the road when you’re driving at night. You’ll make your car look new and fresh while also creating a safe driving experience whenever you’re behind the wheel at night time.

New Wheels

New Wheels

Getting new wheels from a vendor like ozzy tyres wheels is another way to make souped up cars look even cooler. There are tons of fun options out there when you start shopping for new wheels for your ride, so it comes down to your preferences and needs.

You can pick out wheels that match the existing color scheme for your car. There are also different styles of wheels out there for souping up a car that you should consider. Some aftermarket wheels are meant for rally cars while others are meant for boosting the appearance.

No matter which style or color you go with, you’ll boost the appearance of your car and make it stand out to everyone that sees it. If you want to make your new wheels look even cooler then you should consider getting them painted with a powder coating. There is no limit to the colors that you can choose so you’ll have an easy time matching your new vinyl wrap.

Body Kit

Body kits are another fun way to soup up a car with minimal effort. A good body kit will make a huge difference in your car’s appearance. You don’t need to make wholesale changes when it comes to getting a body kit. Little things like an aftermarket carbon fiber hood or a functioning tow hook will go a long way to making your car look cooler.

You can also look at adding a spoiler or a wing to the back of your vehicle. It all depends on the look that you want for your souped up car.

Exhaust Kit

If you want to boost your car’s look as well as its performance then you can’t go wrong with an exhaust kit for your ride. Consider getting a cat-back exhaust if you want to avoid ruining your car’s warranty. It also provides a different sound for your car’s exhaust note that will make it sound more sporty and aggressive.

Sound System

Your car’s sound system is another important part of learning how to soup up a car. Start by upgrading our car’s speakers and head unit before adding an amplifier for stronger sound output. You should also look into adding a subwoofer or two in order to get that classic bass sound that most car enthusiasts love when on a cruise or a road trip.

Become the Proud Owner of Souped up Cars

One of the most enjoyable parts of car ownership is learning all about how to soup up a car. Souped up cars stand out from the pack because they have a unique and sporty appearance and they tend to match the personality and preferences of the owner. Consider getting new headlights and an exhaust kit in order to take your souped up car to the next level.

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