Spyfone – A Wake Up Call For Cheats

Trust is something that has flown out the window in the 21st century. Even teenagers have a jaundiced view of trust as they are aware of false profiles on online dating sites, counterfeit professionals on LinkedIn a well as fake, bought ‘likes’ on Facebook.

Advantages of a spy phone app

Confronting suspicions head on

Parents do not trust their children either and people in marital relationships have every reason to wonder about the loyalty of their spouse. A spyfone has become the norm for many, keeping records of texts and calls received.

It was not that long ago that access to this type of technology was unknown. But these days with trust becoming virtually non-existent it has become highly sought after.

  • An employer leaving the office wants to know what his employees are getting up to when he is not there.
  • Parents leaving their toddlers in the care of a nanny want to know what the nanny is doing with their kids.
  • Parents want to know what their kids are getting up to when they are not around.
  • Spouses want their suspicions appeased or confirmed about what their partners are doing when they say they are working late.

The way to solve these cheating- and ‘what if’ problems is through mobile phone monitoring and spy mobile phone software. With SpyFone you can track any device in stealth mode, but then you need to have the physical access of the tracked device initially.

Compatible and easy

The Spyfone is compatible with Android and iOS devices. For setting up the target phone, you need its physical access. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the entire set up for tracking of the mobile device.

SpyFone updates all the data of the target device on the spouse or parent’s device once the setup is completed. Once the app is downloaded, you can configure it as you wish and select the features you want to have activated.

Spyfone has so many cool features –

  • Call tracking is one, keeping track on all incoming and outgoing calls. The numbers, contact name and time of calls will be provided.
  • SMS’s too will be listed for you.
  • Spyfone allows you to view the full list of contacts saved on your spouse or child’s device.
  • All photos and videos on the SD card can also be viewed.
  • Spyfone also lets you track the live location of your child or spouse and actually zoom in on the location of your child or spouse.

More useful features than other apps

Really, if you do research you will find that there is no other spy app that can come close to matching all Spyfone’s features.  If you are determined to invest in a spy app, Spyfone has everything you could possibly need.

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