Staffing basically includes manning the company with right and efficient selection, appraisal and development of the recruited members to fill the job positions assigned to the work force.

Nature of staffing

  1. Staffing is a significant managerial function: Staffing function has managerial abilities along with strategizing, organizing, directing and controlling.
  2. Staffing is all about pervasive action: As staffing is done by managers, it is done in all kinds of concerns where business is being done.
  3. Staffing is an ongoing function: Staffing function takes place all through the life of the company because of promotions and transfers.
  4. Staffing leads to effective management of personnel: HR can be dealt with an efficient procedure which includes recruitment, selection, training and offering remuneration.
  5. Staffing is all about placing the right person at the right position: You can accomplish this only with effective recruitment process and then select the most appropriate candidate as per the job requisition.
  6. Staffing is the job of managers: Depending on the size and nature of the business, managers are hired to perform the job of staffing.

Steps included in staffing

  1. Requirement of man force: The first step is to plan how much and what kind of man power is need to meet the job requirement and demand. So, it is all about forecasting and finding out the need of manpower in the company
  2. Recruitment: After finding out the requirement, the concern searches and selects applications of the desirable applicants.
  3. Selection: The applications are screened and appropriate candidates are chosen according to the requirement.
  4. Placement: After screening, placement is done by putting the right person at the right position.
  5. Training and development: Training is done to develop the abilities of the worker as per the job requirement. Training is done according to the nature of the work and further expansion scope.
  6. Remuneration: It is the compensation given to the worker for their work performance in monetary form.
  7. Evaluation of the performance:Β  To track the performance, attitude and behavior of the workers, regular evaluation is done. It helps the managers to know the development cycle of their employees.
  8. Promotion and transfer: Promotion is an incentive given to the workers to offer bigger responsibilities. And transfer is done to shift them to a different branch or unit of the company.

Advantages of staffing procedure

The advantages of an efficient staffing function are given below

  1. Staffing allows you to get the right people at the right time for the right job position.
  2. The procedure helps to enhance organizational productivity. With effective selection of employees, organizations witness an increment in the quality of work.
  3. It offers job satisfaction to the worker, thereby keeping their morale high.
  4. It helps to maintain discipline and harmony in the company.

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