How Do Statutes of Limitations Work with Car Accident Injuries?

A car accident can be extremely traumatic. Whether you’re recovering from whiplash from a fender bender or you’re attempting to get over the anguish of a severe car wreck, there’s a lot to unpack.  Unfortunately, when the accident happens, we often have no idea how bad it will hurt us later.  When symptoms come up months or even years after, many of us wonder why we didn’t say something sooner- or whether it’s too late to say anything now. So, Wondering how do statutes of limitations work with car accident injuries?

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Changes By State

The statute of limitations for most crimes and injuries changes from state to state and country to country.  In Texas, you’re given two years of leeway to report an injury from the accident.  In other states, like Michigan, you’re given a full three years.  The issue arises when insurance companies refuse to listen to complaints after even six months and leave victims in pain without any financial support to get medical care.  Often those in need have to seek help outside of insurance, so a victim in Missouri may have five years under the statute of limitations: and yet still have to call a St. Louis car accident attorney because insurance refused to listen to them.

Changes By Meaning

Although most states give you at least two years for personal injury suits so that you can get medical care: they often provide far longer than that for property damages.  Our cars can’t tell us when they’re having issues functioning, and because of that, it may take longer to find all of the problems caused by a crash.  This extended statute of property limitations allows victims to assess everything that’s happened fully and then get the help they need when they need it.  These cases are often hotly contended by insurance companies, but victims must stand their ground.

If a crash has resulted in a fatality, this type of case is often handled as a personal injury suit by the states and follows the same timeline.  This timing can be an issue since it may take a while to find someone close to the victim or for a family to realize they have the right to sue.

In Practice

Most people file their claims within the first month after a car crash.  This rush makes sure it gets in front of the car insurance quickly and ensures that patients quickly get their care.  Although there’s no such thing as a good car crash, especially when it ends in injury: there’s nothing that should be frowned upon about finding legal help to ensure you get what you deserve out of it.

Hopefully, you and those you love will never have to test the limits of the automobile accident statute of limitations.  It’s important to remember, though, regardless of what situation you’re in, you should be honest with your doctors and with yourself about what you feel.  If you’re ever unsure or feel trapped by an insurance company- talk to a legal professional who can guide you through getting what you deserve.

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