Moving across the country? How exciting! After all, there’s nothing like a change of scenery.

Don’t put off packing, though. It’s definitely not something that you want to do at the last minute. If anything, that’ll only give you unnecessary stress!

Ideally, you want to give yourself at least a week—that way, you’ll have plenty of time to pack all of your belongings.

Don’t just cram everything in when you’re packing boxes, though. You want to pay attention to how you arrange the items. The last thing that you’d want is for everything to break during the move!

Need some tips on how to pack? Want to know how you can keep your things safe? If so, you’re on the right page! We’ll be going through some tips below.

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Keeping Your Things Safe: 4 Tips For When You’re Packing Boxes

Moving for the first time? might be able to help!

In the meantime, here are a few things that you might want to keep in mind when you’re packing your boxes. 

1. Tape Your Boxes Securely

Your boxes might be packed perfectly but that won’t mean anything if they’re not taped securely. The last thing that you want is for everything to fall out from the bottom!

Ideally, you want to use heavy-duty packing tape—they are much stronger than regular tape. Consider adding some to the edges as that will help to secure the box.

2. Protect Your Fragile Items

This goes without saying but you want to protect your fragile items—this includes things like dishes, glasses, and mugs. It might be a good idea to wrap each of them with bubble wrap (remember to secure them with tape).

Do not leave any empty spaces in the box when you’re packing your breakables—that will allow them to slide and collide with each other. You can fill in the gaps with towels, clothes, or packing paper.

3. Use the Right Supplies

You don’t want to skimp on packing supplies. After all, you’ll be using them to move some of your most valuable goods!

Take boxes, for instance—there are various kinds to choose from. You want to pick the one that’s best suited for your needs!

Make sure to buy some proper padding as well—we recommend bubble wrap and packing paper.

4. Know Your Box’s Limits

Every box has a limit—that is, it’s capable of holding up to a certain amount of weight. You never want to go over it when you’re packing! As you can imagine, that can lead to disastrous results.

Always double check the limit first before putting things into a box—this is especially true if you’re using it for heavy items.

Keeping Your Things Safe 

And there we have it—4 things to keep in mind when you’re packing boxes. If anything, it’s somewhat of an art! Just don’t leave it till the last minute!

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