There are lots of different steering wheel cleaners on the market today and if you do not know the specific type for the kind of steering wheel you have, there are excellent online guides on the entire process of cleaning your steering wheel.

Dangerous though it may be, some people like to be eating while driving. These are the people that need to know about steering wheel cleaners. Their steering wheels take on another texture altogether as a result of food, oils, and sweat packing onto the wheel. With good steering wheel cleaners, you can give your steering wheel an instant facelift so it works properly for you.

Without them realizing it even, their steering wheels are clogged with all kinds of bacteria. It makes sense though as the steering wheel is the most touched area in your car really. It goes without saying, that week after week, month after month, it will come tacky with oil, sweat, and food remnants.

Importance Of Keeping Steering Wheel Clean

Importance Of Keeping Steering Wheel Clean

As mentioned above, a steering wheel has to withstand a lot of wear and tear while it accumulates dirt, grease, and all sorts of bacteria. Therefore, it is important to clean the steering wheel properly. Some knobs are made of leather, others of vinyl or rubber. Over time, you can see that the steering wheel’s original matte shade is becoming increasingly glossy. The gloss consists of packed and baked-in dirt, food residues, grease, make-up, and sweat. You also feel this because the steering wheel is slippery than when it was new. It can even be a safety risk not to keep the steering wheel clean and grip-friendly because you can easily lose grip on a slippery steering wheel.

The Right Steering Wheel Cleaner For The Appropriate Material

The Right Steering Wheel Cleaner For The Appropriate Material

It is important to know how to clean a steering wheel because the different materials and the different usages of the steering wheels will require different cleaning materials and methods of cleaning.

Drivers have their hands on the steering wheel sometimes for hours at a time, so they are designed with ergonomics in mind. A regular design for circular steering wheels is a steel rim with either a plastic or rubberized grip. You want to find a steering wheel cleaner that has been designed to get rid of dirt off these kinds of steering wheels.

So the first thing is to choose a steering wheel cleaner solution meant for the type of steering wheel you have got. You just have to look at the steering wheels of modern cars and you will see that the most common material for a steering wheel is faux leather. Those who are used to cleaning their steering wheels regularly will tell you that it is always best to spray your cleaning solution onto a microfiber towel instead of spraying the lotion directly onto the steering wheel.

You do not want any of the liquid getting trapped into nooks and crannies in your car where it could harden and cause problems. You want to apply a bit of pressure onto your dirty steering wheel so twist the damp cloth around the wheel to literally twist it clean. The idea is to work around the entire circumference of the wheel.

Because the steering wheel is nearly always black in color, the dirt goes undetected, although the sheeny look is replaced with a dull, grimy look. Leave the top of your window open on a rainy day and the steering wheel can become dangerously slippery and even take on a slimy feel to it. Choose the right cleaning solution for the appropriate material your steering wheel is made of.

Steering Wheel Covers

Luckily, car manufacturers have come up with a lot of ideas for drivers who have steering wheels that get slippery like this. When your hands get sweaty and when your steering wheel is difficult to control, they have come out with steering wheel covers. These covers give you maximum control when driving as you get more grip on the wheel.

They certainly give you some comfort when driving and they add protection to the actual steering wheel. If your steering wheel is looking a bit under the weather, the steering wheel cover can give your car an instant upgraded look. Steering wheel cleaners can still apply to these covers as you will find leather covers, cloth covers, synthetic covers, rubber covers, and even wooden covers.

various Types Of Steering Wheel

Momo Steering Wheel

Momo Steering Wheel

However, if you had the Momo steering wheel things would be a little bit different because this steering wheel has a thick grip compared to others. It was founded in 1964 by a racing driver with the name Gianpiero Moretti. He commissioned a local craftsman to produce a specially tailored steering wheel for his own racing car. And the steering wheel had a better, thicker grip when compared to other regular racing steering wheels.

At first, the Momo steering wheel was only for the world of racing. However, in the 1970s, the company started coming out with other products. Momo started coming out with light-alloy wheels and steering wheels for your regular motor car. People love these leather steering wheels from Momo and also Victor, Nardi, Raid, and others. They all require special steering wheel cleaners to keep them in tip-top condition.

Aftermarket Steering Wheel

Your car’s steering wheel is such an important part of the car. It directs your car in a certain direction. But many people do not look at the steering wheel as just a functional part. They want their steering wheel to stand out as something utterly unique. They look at custom steering wheels in wood, leather, and other materials.

With custom steering wheels, they look to change their steering wheel for an aftermarket steering wheel and make their steering wheel a more personal choice. You can choose a whole lot of different things when it comes to an aftermarket steering wheel.

With custom steering wheels, you can choose between 1, 2, or 4 spoke-style steering wheels or something else. Then you have even further choices and you can choose between steering wheels with flat or square bottoms and in a lot of different colors. But with a steering wheel in a car, you have to be aware of any kinds of problems you would encounter with a certain type of steering wheel and also the type of steering wheel cleaners you use.

As suggested, an aftermarket steering wheel is nearly always smaller in size than your standard wheel and of course, this will have an impact on the control of your car, more so if you do not have power steering. It is precisely why old cars that do not have power steering have these large steering wheels.

When you opt to buy a new steering wheel you will need to check a whole lot of things that you would not normally check if you kept your old steering wheel. Does your new steering wheel have a hooter included in the deal and does it come with all the correct wiring? A new steering wheel can be quite challenging to get wired up correctly. Most steering wheels do come as a kit complete with an adapter ring to allow them to fit your car.

True, most drivers do not dream of actually removing the steering wheel that the vehicle came with and putting in a different one. Yes, some people own old classic cars and then you can imagine that they would want a beautiful classic type steering wheel that matches their old classic beauty.

But aftermarket steering wheels are not only about good looks, and it is about performance as well. They want to change everything about the steering wheel the car came within terms of the diameter of the steering wheel, thickness, and materials.

For some types of cars, these aftermarket steering wheels which can be smaller, free up some space too. This is of particular importance to people racing and for offroading too. With an aftermarket steering wheel, they can also simply remove the steering wheel and prevent anyone from having thoughts of stealing the car.

F1 Steering Wheels

F1 Steering Wheels

But just look at the F1 steering wheel. These particular steering wheels are made of a mix of titanium, copper, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and silicon. You can imagine that these steering wheels, where so much is at stake, would have to have the very best steering wheel cleaners. The wrong cleaning products and procedures can interfere with the workings of these steering wheels.

They are no ordinary steering wheels these and most of the components are unique to formula 1 cars. The likes of the circuit boards, quick release, and carbon enclosure among others, are built in-house. The steering wheel has to be ergonomic and it is a car component that is constantly being changed. These are no ordinary steering wheels because for the Mercedes team, just as an example, they have no less than 25 buttons and switches that perform different tasks.

Faux Leather Cleaning

If you have a nice, soft leather steering wheel, you want to maintain those good looks and the softness. When it comes to cleaning leather steering wheels, you need to know that the leather is actually coated with a protective layer to protect the leather from wear and tear.

So you are not really touching a genuine leather steering wheel as such but rather a vinyl-like coating that has been applied to the leather. This coated leather is a wise move and so in effect, they do not really need to invest in leather cleaning and conditioning kits on the market but rather invest in something that will clean the protective coating. Later on, when the coating wears off, you can invest in something that cleans genuine leather. These products will ensure that your leather steering wheel is beautifully looked after.

As it is, the weather and aircon in your car can change the way your leather steering wheel looks and feels. The leather can dry out can become hard and brittle. That’s why the right leather steering wheel cleaners can keep your leather steering wheel looking stylish. It simply preserves the leather for you. When you care for your car’s looks and you want your steering wheel to look good, you are actually protecting its value. So it pays to use the best steering wheel cleaners and make sure your steering wheel and car have a showroom luster. These sorts of steering wheel cleaners almost bond to the steering wheel sealing out the damaging effects of the weather and dirt. These cleaners work brilliantly and with lasting effect.

You Can Make Your Own Steering Wheel Cleaner

You Can Make Your Own Steering Wheel Cleaner

Luckily there are steering wheel cleaners that can get rid of that dirt build-up. Some people will take a damp cloth and hot, soapy water and try to clean their steering wheel that way. For them, it works like a bomb and it saves them spending money on a commercial steering wheel cleaner as well.

So you can either go the soap and water route or you can choose a commercial cleaner with chemicals. Many people choose the hot water and soap method. They fill a bucket with hot water and add white vinegar, some dish-washing liquid, bicarbonate soda, and some lemon juice to the water and use this mixture to clean the steering wheel, the windows, and the entire car with this very effective, efficient cleaning liquid.

Even with fake leather, which happens to be more resilient than real leather, you can wash it was this liquid cleaner.

When cleaning your car, do not forget the steering wheel. it is a part of the car that is often overlooked and it is quite likely the dirtiest part there is. These days it is necessary to clean your steering wheel even before it shows signs of being dirty. Leaving it dirty and sticky will make it harder to clean so that you have got to apply even more pressure and damage the material you are cleaning.

Between your own homemade steering wheel cleaner and those that you buy in the store, there are cleaners to ensure your car and steering wheel keep looking beautifully maintained. With just one good wipe-down and nourishing conditioning treatment, you will be able to see the difference – a lustrous glow. You can find these cleaning products online and in your local store – all of them designed to ensure your steering wheel still functions as it should without compromising on aesthetics.

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