Adding wall art to your home is a simple way to make a significant design statement. Whether you need an accent piece or are looking for a room-defining centerpiece, wall hangings, art and photos serve as the stylistic icing on the cake that is your home.

Not only do they pull the eyes of your guests, but adding paintings, whether framed or canvasses, to your home makes it much more inviting. However, choosing suitable paintings is not accessible until and unless you are an art curator by profession or have adequate knowledge about paintings and interior design.

But not to worry! Despite not being a professional art curator, there are some basic things that you have to understand and take into consideration while choosing paintings. Consider these four steps if you struggle to pick the perfect piece for your home. So, let us begin!

Choosing Paintings For Your Home

First, Think About The Size

Paintings For Your Home

Some people have no idea what they’re doing regarding art and scale. So they’ll place a large piece of art on a tiny wall. Or six small works spaced far apart on a huge wall. It’s like putting salt in your mouth and rubbing it all over your face. The result is a disaster.

Therefore, you must consider the size of your wall before buying a painting for it. To be exact, you should know the space the art piece will cover – ignore the area covered by windows, furniture, and other decorative details.

That does not mean the picture you choose should cover the entire space of the wall. Instead, a perfect picture covers only Β½ or ΒΎ of the wall. In addition to that, if you are hanging the painting above a piece of furniture, say a bed or a table, make sure the art piece is precisely the width of the bed or the length of the table. It should not be smaller than it would not cover the area above the furniture.

Make Adequate Research Online


In today’s world, everything can be learned online, and plenty of platforms on the web will help you learn about paintings. Therefore, the internet can be a helpful tool for doing plenty of research to know more about the painting you will purchase for your place.

Know about the art galleries near you whose major highlight is the wall paintings for decoration. Words about artists, their biographies, and painting techniques from the internet can also come in handy while choosing paintings or an art piece for your place. Once you have done adequate research, tons of online shops and galleries will help you get your favorite piece of art.

One such online art store is the 1st Art Gallery, which offers you the top-of-the-class reproduction works of some of the finest paintings ever created in the art world’s history. 1st Art Gallery has some of the best painters from around the world who are well-trained to create top-notch reproduction works of the painting you like.

That’s not all, and you can also ask them to convert photos to portrait paintings. Want more? Upon request, 1st Art Gallery will also frame our work and deliver it to your doorstep with utmost care.

The Color Scheme Of The Room

Every room has a color palette, and every object in the room adds to or detracts from your room’s color scheme, similar to the paintings you will hang in the room. While most people try to match the color of the painting with the room’s color, which is acceptable – but is not the only way to consider the color scheme.

Artwork can be installed to complement, contrast or redefine the tones of its surroundings. With endless bespoke combinations available for your home, it can make your place look dramatic, neutral, or harmonious. But, most importantly, your chosen painting should make your room and place unique.

Selecting wall art in a room with a cohesive color palette is the easiest way to ensure your gallery wall brings the space together. This not only creates consistency in color but, in turn, also provides the room with a sophisticated and aesthetic look. And, of course, the artwork does not have to be the same color as the room – you have the leverage to play with multiple shades and tones.

A Complimentary Frame

Paintings For Your Home

While artworks are a crucial part of interior design, adding a complimentary framing is equally important when choosing paintings or an art piece for your place. The added framework not only protects the painting from dust and damage but also defines the house’s personality and depicts the aesthetic sense of the people in the house.

Framed canvas art is a natural style statement and can pull the room together. However, it can look more upmarket and more expensive than unframed painting, and at the same time, it will not cover extra space on your wall either.

On top of that, framed art behind a glass panel will look the most high-end. However, glass framing would be a problem if your room is flooded with light. Courtesy of the glare on the glass, viewers will be barely able to see anything behind the glass framing. Talking about the color of your frame, you can choose either a dominant color that matches the painting or even opt for a contrasting color to make the artwork stand out.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, choosing paintings or art for your place is part intuition and part learning. But there’s nothing like a new piece of art to transform a room, whether an abstract painting or a classic oil portrait.

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