More than 76% of Americans drive alone to work each day. For most Americans, having a car is necessary for their daily lives.

When your state issues a license suspension, it can feel like a death blow. The loss of driving can make several tasks harder than ever. If you’ve experienced this, you’re probably wondering how to reinstate a license.

Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle with this question alone! We’ve compiled a five-step guide to help you reinstate your license. Read on to get the information you need!

1. Wait Out the 30-Day Suspension Period

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Most states have a 30-day period for a revoked license to remain suspended. Generally, there’s no way to get around this. However, some states offer a loophole to the issue.

In California, citizens can request an administrative hearing at the DMV within ten days of suspension. These hearings won’t reverse your guilty sentence, but they may decide to overrule your license suspension. This way, you can resume driving before the suspension period runs out.

2. Request a Restricted Driver’s License

Sometimes, the DMV will not agree to overrule your revoked license. So, is there something else you can do while you wait to reinstate your license?

One possibility is to receive a restricted driver’s license. These licenses allow you to drive to necessary places, such as your work-home commute. Different states have various rules for seeking a restricted license, so learn your state’s requirements today.

3. Take An Approved Class

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Usually, people have their license revoked for the following reasons:

  • DUIs
  • reckless driving
  • accumulation of license points

When you lose your license for these reasons, you may need to take a class to have your license reinstated. Usually, these will be either DUI programs or defensive driving programs.

Your DUI program length may vary depending on whether this was your first offense. However, your program can still take several hours to complete either way.

Defensive driving courses reteach the basics of driving. Sometimes, you can take these courses online.

4. Pay Your Fees

Most states charge a fee to reinstate your license. Some states offer fees as low as $25. However, you may also encounter prices as high as $1,200. The cost usually varies depending on what caused your license suspension.

Also, many states charge varying fees based on whether this was your first suspension. The best way to learn your charge is to ask your local DMV.

5. Get Your SR-22/FR-44 Insurance To Reinstate a License

Driving License Misconceptions

When the state revokes your license, you’ll need an SR-22 form. This form certifies your financial responsibility, making it necessary to get it before your license becomes reinstated. Florida and Virginia refer to this document as FR-44.

The SR-22 demonstrates your state’s liability requirements. Check out the SR-22 insurance quotes located here to get an idea of your rates.

Use These Steps to Reinstate Your License

As you can see, it’s challenging to reinstate a license. However, you can use these tips to get your license reinstated.

First, try to overturn your suspension. This approach is the simplest way to get your license back. Otherwise, you can search for ways to drive to essential areas.

We hope you enjoyed this article! Our website offers several advice pieces to help you through other tasks. Check out our other articles today to learn more!

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