Being physically assaulted can be equal parts upsetting, infuriating and frightening. Whether the responsible party was a friend, family member or stranger, you’re liable to feel a tidal wave of emotions in the wake of a physical assault. You may also be left wondering what your next steps should be. If a physical assault has caused you personal injury or emotional harm, you have every right to seek restitution against the perpetrator. Assault victims who are looking to get the confirmation they’re owed should heed the following pointers.

Document Any Injuries You Incur

Wake of a Physical Assault

In order to seek proper restitution and/or legal action against the perpetrator of the physical assault, you’ll need to document any injuries you incurred as a result of their actions. This entails photographing your injuries as soon as possible and requesting copies of any resultant medical reports or bills. You should also type up a full account of your version of events while the incident is still fresh in your mind. A clear and accurate documentation of the incident is likely to make your attorney’s job a lot easier and ensure that your story is communicated to the relevant parties.

File a Police Report

No one has the right to put their hands on you, much less physically injure you. So, even if you don’t intend to seek restitution from the perpetrator, you’d be wise to file a police report following the incident. Should you decide to sue this person down the line, having a police report will communicate to the judge that the incident was serious enough to warrant the involvement of law enforcement. Furthermore, if you ever wish to file a restraining order against the perpetrator, a police report can prove helpful at moving this process along.

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Get in Touch with a Lawyer

The desire to seek restitution from someone who’s guilty of physical assault is perfectly understandable. After all, in putting their hands on you, this person not only caused you personal injury but also made you feel unsafe. Additionally, depending on the extent of the physical assault, they may also have damaged your personal property or caused you to incur massive medical bills.

Any physical pain or emotional trauma you feel in the wake of an assault deserves to be properly addressed – and the responsible party deserves to face consequences. If you wish to be compensated for the hurt caused by the perpetrator, get in touch with a good attorney. Assault victims who reside in the Mile High City should have no problem finding dependable personal injury attorneys in Denver, CO.

Avoid Interacting with the Perpetrator

Someone who’s physically assaulted you isn’t worthy of your time or attention. Even if this person is a close friend or family member, you should avoid interacting with them in the wake of an assault. In addition to potentially placing you in danger, this ultimately stands to undermine any legal action you choose to take against them. After all, their attorney may make the claim that your continued association with the perpetrator is an indication that the assault didn’t truly have an effect on you.


So, for the sake of both your personal safety and the legal case you intend to build, make a point of avoiding interaction with the perpetrator following the assault. If you share a residence with this person, request a temporary protective order to have them removed from the home. In the event that you’re unable to get one, stay with a close friend or family member or check into a motel. If you don’t have anyone you can stay with in the area and you’re unable to afford a motel, seek out nearby shelters for abuse victims. Under no circumstances should you be expected to cohabitate with someone who places their hands on you or makes you feel afraid.


Nothing quite compares to the range of emotions people experience in the wake of physical assaults. Although the act itself may only last a few seconds, the memory of it is likely to stay with you for a good long while – if not the rest of your life. While wanting to get past an assault and move forward with your life is perfectly understandable, there are numerous steps you can take towards restitution – provided, of course, this is what you desire.

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