Poor postural health can place unnecessary strain on your spine and organs, which can result in serious health problems and require you to have certain procedures or assistive measures later in your life. You may not realize it, but you can have an impact on your postural health and improve it yourself. There is an extent to which you can influence how well your postural health is, as sometimes it can be too late to correct certain behaviors and health problems that arise. However, by following these three different strategies, you can work towards improving and keeping a good postural health, which you will benefit from in years to come when your bones become weaker with old age.

Check out the Strategies Below

Targeted Exercises

Not only will keeping fit and at a healthy weight do wonders for your postural health, as your spine isn’t strained from having to support excess baggage, but there are specific exercises that can help to improve your postural health. Consider taking a yoga or Pilates class in-person or online, which will really get your posture in check, and have you stretching out your spine to get rid of any aches or find any areas of tightness that you may need to see an osteopath for. These easy yoga exercises might include the child’s pose, downward facing dog, thoracic spine rotation and forward fold. Even the most inflexible person can do these exercises, so don’t be put off by the word ‘yoga’!

Changing Your Mattress

On average, a US household keeps their mattress for over ten years, even when they have admitted that they are not having a good night’s sleep, and their mattress is causing them aches or pains the following day. This is likely due to the urban myth that purchasing a new mattress is a costly and time-consuming process. However, this is definitely not the case. There are a multitude of online guides where you can find out which mattresses provide the support you require, and these range at varying price points – especially if you can catch a Black Friday mattress sale. It is worth extending your budget a little, so that you can purchase a higher quality mattress. Otherwise, you will spend more at a later date by replacing your cheap mattress, or paying for healthcare treatments that you need as a result of your mattress providing little support to your bones.

Be Aware of Slouching

Something we are certainly all guilty of is slouching, whether seated at our desk, binge-watching TV on the sofa, or even as we walk stooped low whilst carrying out our daily activities – especially when lifting heavy items. By being aware of how straight we are holding ourselves throughout the day, we can ensure that our spine is aligning properly and we can avoid later aches, pains and further problems down the line as a result of stooping low. These aches and problems arise from slouching because it adds stress onto the spine, which strains the joints, muscles and bones that you need to hold your backbone in place. Furthermore, stooping actually squishes your organs together and means that you may have trouble breathing or even digesting food.

There is now no longer any excuse for you not to look after your postural health, which is just as important as eating a balanced diet and keeping fit. After all, if you have poor postural health, you will have to face the consequences that will impact your skeletal structure, joints and organs. By following these top tips, you can make a change to improve your postural health before it’s too late.

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