How long ago was it when you went to a movie at the Cinema? Maybe six months ago? Because of the pandemic or maybe because of that, now you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows in your home on that screen of yours while being the comfy pajamas under your blanket.

Well, this is what most of us enjoy now, and this is not just because of the changing dynamics of the entertainment industry. From cinemas, we have now moved on to laptop screens via streaming platforms. While I was in conversation with an editor at StreamingRant, I asked how the industry is changing, and he stated it in the simplest way. He stated, “In 2011, Netflix only had 21.5 million subscribers according to Statista; however, now in 2020 there around 195 million subscribers. This clearly states that the entertainment industry is completely changing its dynamics, and people now prefer online content streaming.”

Upon these facts, I inquired the reasons of why it is happening and found out that one of the biggest reasons for this change is the streaming platforms.

These three streaming platforms have conquered most of the share in the industry

1. Netflix

Who in this time would be unaware of Netflix? It is the hub of online content streaming and has the biggest library of content. With 7000+ shows and movies, Netflix has the biggest share in online streaming as well as in the entertainment industry. You can find it all from horror to action and from thriller to comedy on Netflix for just a minimum price. The platform suggests the movies according to your taste and preferences.

2. Disney Plus

This is an American streaming platform that brings you some amazing content. Disney Plus is a product of the Disney network, which aims to bring online and digital content to its viewers. Just as Netflix, it has 1000s of movies and shows that are binge-watching worthy. Disney Plus, however, is not available in every country and is only accessible to viewers from specific regions.

3. Hulu

Hulu is another American streaming platform that has got a big share in the entertainment industry. This channel is under the head of Walt Disney Company currently, which means the channel is also running on the network of Disney Plus. With 36.6 million subscribers in 2020, Hulu is expanding its roots towards the entertainment industry and is expected to have a big share in the same.

These channels have turned the entertainment industry upside down, and these channels are continuously progressing towards making it more prominent in the industry. We have seen that people are continually progressing towards choosing these platforms instead of going to cinemas and TV content.

Reasons for the Popularity of Online Content Streaming Platforms

  • Easy Accessibility

One of the biggest reasons for the high popularity of these channels is easy accessibility as you can watch the shows and movies you like anywhere and at any time. You just need your device to binge-watch the content you want. This becomes a great help for people who are busy in their lives.

  • Wide Variety of Content

You can find almost every genre on these streaming platforms. This makes you choose the shows or movies that you like. It is one of the things that has interested most of the people to choose these platforms.

  • Cost-Effective

One movie at Cinema might cost you a few dollars but is just a one-time experience; however, these online content streaming platforms can give you a subscription for a month at almost the same prices and will let you watch as many movies that you want. This thus becomes cost-effective.

These are the reasons that online streaming platforms are growing day by day, and these three platform’s growths is changing the entertainment industry upside down.