Poland offers high quality education at very cheap costs. You can find undergraduate programs from 1,500 euros per semester, and monthly expenses start from 350 euros. We have more than 850 programs that are given in English both undergraduate, master and postgraduate. They are available in private and public universities.

When the student graduates from any program in Poland, he receives a degree that is recognized throughout the European Union. Graduates can take out a document called ‘the residence card’, which will allow them to access the labor market in that country. It is not easy because of the academic load, although foreign students who come to Poland generally work 20 hours a week. Many people do it just to be able to pay for their studies and have a daily support.

Although Polish universities are not so high in the world education rankings, there are several great reasons for overseas professionals and students to study in this country.

Few know it, but Poland is a nation that has always had a great student tradition. After the United Kingdom, Germany and France, Poland ranks the fourth in the European Union, enrolled in the higher education system. This is the reason why many people from various countries in the world decide to study in Poland.

In addition to the low tuition costs and the good standard of living compared to other European capitals, many overseas students can study in Poland with a very affordable budget. In this new article, you’ll find out why Poland attracts more and more foreign students to study in Poland.

The Polish university system

Poland signed a few years ago the Bologna agreement, so from that moment the academic degrees of the Polish universities are recognized by all the member countries of the European Union and the studies are organized as follows:

  • 3 years to complete a bachelor’s degree
  • 4-5 years to get the Master’s academic degree
  • 7 years to obtain a doctorate

There are 3 types of universities in Poland, the first category corresponds to the higher multidisciplinary institutions. To this category belong 17 universities that are mostly public and have a different size and prestige. The most prestigious university is the Jagiellonian University in Cracow which is considered as the oldest university in central Europe.

The second category is made up of technical universities where you can study scientific and engineering careers. And the last category is the academies, which are specialized schools where you can study music, medicine, economics, theater, dance or business.


If you want to study in Poland, you will need to apply for a student visa. The requirements are as follows:

  • depending on the academic degree you wish to pursue, you must provide your bachelor’s or master’s degree in English or Polish,
  • a language proficiency test in Polish or English, depending on the career you want to pursue
  • the acceptance letter from the university that you want to study at
  • health insurance.
  • demonstrate that you have sufficient financial funds to stay in Poland

Unlike France or England, which have a common system to register, in Poland you should contact each university that interests you. If you want to study in Poland, you will need to register 2-5 months before the start of the university cycle (one begins in October and the other in February).

The costs

As regards tuition fees, foreign students benefit from the same rights as Poles or students of European nationality. Besides studying a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Polish in a public university, it has no cost. On the other hand, prices can go up to 3000 euros for a year of degree at the English level, and 4000 euros for a master’s degree.

The study schedules in Polish universities are almost all full-time, so it is very difficult for you to work part-time. However, university vacations are quite long (from June to October) so you can work full time during this period if you need to earn some money.

Article prepared in cooperation with Think Poland – study in Poland for foreigners.

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