Let’s talk about chemistry! What picture do you have in mind when you hear the word ‘chemistry”? Most of you probably think of the experiments you made in your school’s laboratory. This is a misrepresentation of the subject, chemistry is everywhere around you, from the glass of water you had a couple of minutes ago, to the shampoo you use to wash your hair or to the sauce you use for your pizza.

Chemistry is one of the most fascinating subjects to study, and if you are not convinced you want to pursue a career in this domain, this article should win you over. Yes, it’s all about chemistry, why it’s a marvellous subject, and how you can score good grades if you study it.

Why should you study chemistry?

It helps you better understand the world

Chemistry will teach you about energy and matter, and how they interact. Chemistry is behind all processes that happen in the world. Surprising right? Tea is the result of a chemical reaction between hot water and dry fruits, roots or leaves. Chemistry can answer many questions you may have. From how leaves change their colour as the seasons pass to how food is made and how your cat recognizes you when you arrive home.

You’ll make informed decisions

Even if you don’t realise, chemistry is behind most of the things you do daily. Chemistry classes will help you understand the ingredients all products contain. Companies can no longer trick you their products do something chemically impossible. You’ll easily identify scams and avoid buying products that don’t bring the advantages their provider speaks about.

Chemistry knowledge keeps you safe

Besides knowing what products you should buy, chemistry also keeps you safe. When you combine certain products or expose yourself to them you need to know ahead what their reactions are. By knowing how certain substances react when combined you can avoid dangerous mixtures.

Basic chemistry saved numerous lives. A college class can save your dog’s life if they drink or eat certain products because you can easily identify the symptoms related to chemicals intoxication.

This subject prepares you for tough classes

The average freshman student finds chemistry one of the toughest subjects they’ve ever studied. But chemistry is the introduction to more rigorous courses you’ll study during senior college years, so if you do your best to acquire knowledge, you’ll later find easier to deal with tough subjects.

Chemistry will challenge you in multiple ways and will give you skills that will help you perform in college.

It helps you gain analytical skills

Chemistry classes require plenty of analysis, problem solving and objectivity. These skills are useful for any other domain, so if you don’t see yourself working in the chemistry industry, they’ll prove helpful in any other area. Employers prefer candidates who can objectively analyse situations and solve serious issues.

Chemistry is a relevant subject during college, and all students should add it to their curriculum. It not only provides them with new knowledge, but it also facilitates their access to numerous jobs.

If you decide to study it, here are some tips that can help you get high grades.

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Study the learning materials before every class

Traditional learning methods imply the student to come to the class, the professor to introduce them to the learning material, explain to them what the main ideas of the subject are, and to assign them follow-up readings. Students should review their notes and try to complete the assignments before the next class. But results show this model is ineffective and students have difficulties getting knowledge especially when the subject is difficult to learn.

The best way to learn chemistry is to study the material the professor provides before the class, so you already know what they are talking about when they present the subject. More and more colleges and professors promote the Class Reversed method because it’s more effective for science subjects. Why? You’ve already studied the subject when the teacher presents it, and you are familiar with the ideas they share. Because you are familiar with the subject, you can easily follow the professor’s presentation and ask questions during the lecture.

Find a tutor

Tuition is a great way to tackle a difficult subject. You can hire an online chemistry tutor to explain difficult concepts and to help you learn for your exams. Sometimes chemistry students are reticent to share insights with their colleagues, but tutors are willing to exchange ideas.

It’s recommended to hire a tutor who takes small groups of people or one who provides individual tuition. Ensure that you are prepared for every tuition session because they can help you only if you ask them questions and tell them what your insecurities are. Online tuition is done in an environment free from distractions, so it’s effective in helping students learn challenging subjects like chemistry.

Try to understand what you study

All subjects provide new information you need to learn and memorise. But with chemistry, you’ll get so much new information you’ll find impossible to memorise everything, so you need another method to help you learn. When you know the fundamental concepts behind every process, you find easier to memorise the small details. So, it’s advisable to understand the fundamentals and then to add new knowledge to what you already master.

Practice regularly

A great strategy to study chemistry is to practice it regularly. You should look for solutions to problems, solve equations, work on new formulas, and read the latest news. Routine can help you become a successful scientist. If you cannot study daily, you should do it at least 3 times a week because this is the only way to stay at the top of the game.

Test your knowledge by practising new experiments, and working on problems you solve for the first time.

Chemistry is a challenging subject, so if you want to perform chemical reactions as your day-to-day job you need to jump in with both your feet. Decide why you want to learn chemistry, and then you’ll easily determine how to do it.

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