These amazing suction cups basically all work the same way, creating a vacuum, forcing out air and holding the cup in place because of atmospheric pressure. We have all seen suction cups in action – like seeing your GPS suctioned against your car’s windscreen as you drive.

There is a lot to simple suction cups

These suction cups are used elsewhere too and on a much larger scale. They come in many different sizes and designs to handle virtually any product.

It is not anyone who can design and manufacture these suction cups and engineers have to take cognizance of size and weight as well as the type of material to be handled. They have to also take into account the cup’s components such as hoses, valves and connectors.

The engineering company has to be the best because these suction cups have to sometimes support and hold heavy items while making sure not to damage the workpiece.

Suction cups for all kinds of surfaces

Choosing the right suction cup is important and you need advice from the right company as they use different formulas to formulate the appropriate suction cups.

There may well be cups for all kinds of surfaces, even irregular ones, but there is always the right product to find if you know where to look. The selection of the cup depends on certain conditions such as surface quality as well as structural stability of the workpiece.

So you can see, that a lot goes into manufacturing these suction pads and a lot goes into an industry selecting the right suction pad as well. The best  manufacturers always provide data on what cups they have on offer as well as the advantages of each.

These suction pads come in different materials to cope with different applications. You will find materials such as –

  • Silicone
  • Polyurethanes
  • Vinyl
  • Nitrile
  • Natural rubbers

Silicone for instance is a suitable choice for the food industry, being used for packaging applications, as well as being able to contend with high-temperatures, while natural rubber suction cups might be more used regularly used in certain printing applications.

For industries where there is the need to handle electronic components, there are special antistatic suction pads for these items.  The wide range of products will include round, flat and bellows suction pads with different sealing lips and sealing edges.

A vacuum cup has to be carefully manufactured and it needs to flex with good elasticity.

Cheaper, quicker production times

The engineers at the company known as Suction Cup are knowledgeable and know that some materials are more suited for certain surfaces or workpieces that are easily damaged. They have a full set of production lines and all their work is done in their own factory. Without any outsourcing, they are capable of completing all the processes within 48 hours.

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