Sunbiz in Online services is a unit or a corporation division responsible for providing research, online information as well as services processing in the internet. Users are able to access the image databases, federal lien, business entity, corporation and even judgment lien. Using Sunbiz you could even download files with fictitious names and other organization information. After creating an online account, you will have access to electronic filing for the respective organization.

The online site further provides you with different methods of filing in which you can input detailed data in a systematic method. Documents for filing online can also be accessed for incorporation into your annual report, electronic certification, for-profit corporation, limited partnership and even not-for-profit institutions.

This corporation division provides the best electronic filing method that is reliable and secure in the internet. You need to sign up using the following process to get the aforementioned benefits.

The Process Of Signing Up:

You will require having a computer with the right internet connectivity.

  • Visit the Sunbiz website at on your computer
  • On the Click on E-File Services page you will find options like options like On-Line Annual Reports and Reinstatement, On-Line Filing, On-Line Dissolutions & Withdrawals, Sunbiz E-filing by Fax, Electronic Certification.
  • Remember that in order to be eligible, you will be required to correctly setup a sunbiz e-file account.
  • You should print the files and then fill all the required details.
  • Once you are through, you make sure you submit the filled files. Also ensure that you deposit a slip that holds the check to the correct address that is printed on the form.
  • E filing is particularly good for people who frequently adopt multiple filing in their operations. You will then wait for your account to be set.
  • The e filing account could be compared to your checking account that you use for banking applications.
  • Once sunbiz sets your account, you will be ready to submit your documents for the correct filing online.
  • In order to file a document, you will be required to first generate a top cover generally referred to as “electronic filing cover sheet” that is provided in the menu of your account page. Remember that you will be accessing the account using a specific username and password to be sent to you after successful signup process.
  • Every time you submit a doc for filing, your account will be deducted the fee charged. You will therefore be required to have the correct amount in your account in order to successfully send a document for filing.
  • Immediately after submitting a file to be filed, you get a special notification message telling you of success or failure.
  • You will always be prompted to enter a number for authentication (provided at the certificate bottom) before clicking submit.

If you would like to get more information, please visit sunbiz website at


The process of setting up a filing and certification account is easy and further simple to manage. In about an hour, you will be done. Make sure the internet you are using is fast to complete it faster.

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