Are you stuck at home till further notice as a result of the spreading of the Coronavirus? If so, learn how you can stay active and entertained at home – without losing your mind!

Coronavirus Effect: 5 Things to Do When Under Quarantine

Thousands of people all around the world are required to stay at home now that the Coronavirus has become a worldwide issue. Some are recovering from catching the virus, others were exposed to it and are now under quarantine, and others obey orders given by their government.

But it doesn’t matter why you are stuck at home. It matters what you do with all the spare time you have, and how you avoid losing your mind as you can’t leave your house. While you will be able to find plenty of lists full of ideas you could do to entertain kids at these challenging times, there aren’t many guides that focus on the adults – who need just as much distracting from the situation.

So what can you do apart from sitting in front of your TV screen 24/7? We will cover an assortment of ideas, from learning new things to playing online pokies during Coronavirus times.

Top Activity Ideas for the Housebound

  1. Learn new skills – In the first few days of being stuck at home, you will probably have a blast staying in your PJ’s and doing absolutely nothing. However, staying idle for too long can get old quite quickly, and your brain will beg for some stimulation sooner rather than later. When you’re housebound, you will have a precious opportunity to learn a new skill that you haven’t had the time to develop before. Dozens of online platforms allow you to learn anything and everything that you’re interested in: art, design, literature, philosophy, economics, and more. Skillshare, Coursera, and Udemy are some of the most popular websites and apps that you can turn to when interested in acquiring new skills without leaving the house.
  2. Work out – When you can’t leave the house, your activity levels will automatically go down, and turning into a couch potato becomes a real option. While lazing about is fun, it can make you feel lethargic and tired if you keep at it for too long. A short work-out session every other day can do you a lot of good. Not only will it help you stay in shape in this unusual situation, but it can also help improve your mood and keep you energized for a while. There are hundreds of free apps and YouTube videos you can use to start exercising. You will be able to do some yoga, boxing, cardio workouts, and more easily enough – and without needing any special equipment.
  3. Keep in touch with other people – The lack of human contact, which is a major part of being under quarantine, is the main reason people start feeling stir crazy after a few days indoors. Staying social, even under those unique circumstances, is important for preserving your sanity. First and foremost, you can have conference calls with your friends and family, lending and getting support from your loved ones. But if that’s not enough, you can always join different groups on social media, filled with people that are also trying to remain busy and entertained. That way, you will be able to meet new people, have fun conversations, and remain socially active – making the most of the current situation.
  4. Take a risk – There are dozens of exciting and unpredictable activities you can partake in from time to time if your goal is to fend off boredom. From playing competitive MMO games to playing online casino games – sometimes even live – you can easily spice up your daily routine and keep yourself entertained.
  5. Satisfy your artistic side – Who said that crafts projects are for kids only? Letting your artistic side loose can prove to be calming and satisfying, unexpectedly. There are plenty of DIY tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest, which can keep you busy for a while. Also, lots of people also enjoy colouring, whether by filling in mandala patterns or completing a Paint-it-by-Numbers painting.

Are You Ready to Face Quarantine?

While the current situation will allow you to binge-watch TV shows like crazy, there are plenty of other ways for you to spend your time as you stay indoors all day long. Do you think you will be able to remain sane with the help of some of those tips?

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