T-shirts do not need an introduction. These cool tops have always won the hearts of everyone irrespective of age, gender or nation. T-shirts are the coolest way to make a style statement and keep you trendy. Any time of the day you just have to pull a T-shirt, pair it with jeans or a skirt and you are good to go. A variety of shades and designs can be combined to create an infinite range of styles. But most importantly, the style of the T-shirt is decided by the design printed on it.

Out-of-the-box designs to make a bold fashion statement

The design of a T-shirt is a statement of your individuality. Designs can be made funky, sober, or emotional to showcase your mood as well. Wear a t-shirt with your favorite motivational quote or one with your screen idol image. It’s your choice and your style.

Technological advancements have taken t-shirt designs a step ahead by allowing to create designs that are solely unique to the wearer. These designs are extremely personalized and can make your distinct impression in the crowd.  What can be cooler than a fingerprint T-shirt? Your fingerprint is scanned and printed to make a T-shirt unlike any other. Try to give the T-shirt a feminine look by getting a print of the lips on the T-shirt. Bold, fashionable and beautiful as well. There is no end to the crazy designs you can conjure up with technology.  Even DNA strands can be printed on the T-shirts. Use a little saliva with a special gel and magnify it to make the DNA strands visible. This can be printed on your T-shirt and now you are ready to make a statement to the world showing what you are really made up of.

You can also try celebrity designs on your T-shirt. Celebrities are increasingly using T-shirts to make themselves heard and launch T-shirts with their quotes printed to reach out to the world through their fans.  Wear a T-shirt endorsed by your favorite celebrity and join the club.

Another eye-catching design is the latest 3-D design with cool pictures matching your mood and persona. Pet-lovers can have the photo of their pets printed on the T-shirt to express their profound love for the pet. Animal lovers can have images of domestic or wild animals printed on their T-shirts.  3-D designs can be made for any idea like artwork, flags of countries, famous architectures and so on.

Custom-fit T-shirts will give a better look with the right fit on your body frame but might be a little expensive.  Teenagers usually go for collarless and seamless T-shirts for its attractive, unfinished look. Vintage T-shirts that combine the past with the future trends are the pick of the celebrities and usually followed by their fans.With a new design and idea coming up each day, T-shirts are the popular choice to be fashionable for any occasion.  Companies like The Mountain bring before you an irresistible collection of 3-D design printed T-shirts which can be customized to have a photo of your pets or animals. You can visit their collections to select the trendiest T-shirts and place your order online to have it delivered within two weeks.

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