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Tackling the Problem of Biofouling

Every industry has certain needs and there are also certain solutions that have been tailored to the industry’s specific needs. So, it is with the marine industry. Naval vessels, docks, ships, offshore platforms, tanks  – they all battle with tough marine coatings.

Water Quality is Compromised

The wash-down water that comes about when cleaning vessels will no doubt contain chlorine, copper, ammonia, biofouling or invasive pest species and these all have detrimental impacts on water quality.

Biofouling occurs when marine life attaches to any surface. This adhesion called biofouling causes great environmental damage and makes ships use 40% more fuel to travel the same distance. This phenomenon that affects ships and other marine vessels has an important environmental cost and an annual economic cost of more than five million dollars as it increases the fuel consumption of ships.

Operators have to resort to hot water treatment for the removal of these surface coatings. With the addition of harsh chemicals, this wash-down water creates environmental harm. 

Eco-Friendly Alternative to Extensive Cleaning Efforts

The Merus ring is used in a broad range of marine applications and is a lifeline to operators when you calculate what it costs trying to keep water systems clean on ships and oil platforms from corrosion, algae, limescale, and biofouling.

You find these rings on cruise ships, container vessels as well as offshore platforms. The ring is an environmentally friendly alternative to extensive cleaning efforts for marine growth and corrosion in pipes, cooling water systems, for producing hot water and steam and reverse osmosis systems.

Limescale becomes Soluble

By installing the merus ring, the solubility of the soluble parts in water increases so that limescale, for instance, is soluble in water and runs off without blocking pipes. 

With the ring, no chemistry is required for treating the water and this applies to drinking water as well. Water carries foreign particles and if the amount is exceeded, the particles settle, forming a hard crust. 

How Merus Ring Works

The whole purpose of Merus is to reduce all the negative side effects of fluids in the industry as well as in private homes. All it basically is, is a ring that is installed around the pipes, giving off this molecular oscillation so that it disturbs the rust, bacteria, and limescale in your sea- or freshwater applications. 

The stuff is flushed away leaving the applications free of this harmful build-up. People enjoy healthier drinking water and the pipes are better able to perform and transport water.

The approach of Merus is based on the fact that the technical properties of substances can be altered by means of vibrations. At first, the rings were installed in private homes, but because of their excellent results, different industries started using them around the world.

They effectively get rid of limescale and rust in pipes which enhances one’s health more and reduces operational- and maintenance costs at sea, in hotels and every other industry.

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