In the month of December, 2012 Southern Bells Inc. was acquired by the Apple American Group based in San Francisco and the Inc. contains 76 restaurant’s franchise association, with some of the pizza hut and KFC units and mostly including Taco Bell in the group at different locations such that Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. The dealing terms closed at December, 17 and still not released. Then Greg Flynn who is the chief and chair executive of Flynn Restaurant Group LLC said that around $97 million will be brought by the acquisition in credit to company, and raised its annual salary up to $1.25 billion and hence in the U.S. made it the biggest franchise employment.


At present times two divisions are governed by the Flynn Restaurant Group, Bell American Group containing 76 Taco Bell and related brands, and Apple American Group which accomplishes 438 Applebee’s restaurants. The time was appropriate for Flynn to enlarge the business with another concept. He was got in the Applebee’s franchise first and intentionally concentrated on constructing one brand and he said you can do the thing in a better way when you focus on it. Through the opening of new restaurants and acquisition the group firmly grew its branches. In the recent November, for $94.8 million Apple American accomplished 99 restaurants from AmRest which is a Poland based group of franchises, and Flynn said it was the greatest deal they ever made.

He further said he will work more on Applebee’s and they will maintain to enlarge the brands of casual-dinning restaurants. Currently Flynn said they have reached a point where they can flourish the second concept. After examining the industry, Flynn determined Taco Bell exhibited the best affirmation. He further said that he was fascinated by the Taco Bell that how they made the fading sales of the year to the superior sales of industry and introduced Doritos Locos Tacos line in addition to the Cantina Bell menu which challenges the Chipotle Mexican Grill. They had an excellent year following the promotions and launches of wonderful products and this year’s pipeline is amazingly strong, it was said by Flynn for Taco Bell. New acquisitions and opening of new branches is included in the plan of Bell American Group. Flynn also said they love to build restaurants. Flynn said brand of Taco Bell will not grow on the expenses of Applebee’s group and their mother ship and first love is Apple American.

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