If you’re looking to take beautiful photos of people using natural lighting, filters can be a great way to add an extra layer of effect. Whether you’re trying to create a blurry background or just add some extra effects to your shots, plenty of online filters will help you accomplish your goal. You can also test out a tool that helps you blur background of photo online before settling on a final choice to get the best results.

VistaCreate is worth a try. With this app, you can easily adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. Plus, it has good ratings and reviews on Google Play, so you know that people are happy with its results.

While adding filters and blurring the background of your image does help a lot when it comes to enhancing your photos, there’s a lot more that needs to be done. Read this article to learn some tips and tricks to make every photo you take amazing!

Tip 1: Shoot In RAW Format To Capture More Detail In Your Images

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If you’re a photographer who wants to take beautiful photos of people using natural light, learning to shoot in RAW mode is vital. Here’s how to set your camera to RAW mode:

  • Open your camera’s menu screen and find the “RAW” option.
  • Select it and press OK.
  • Your camera will now start saving all photos in RAW format.


The benefits of shooting in RAW format are many and can include capturing more light with your camera and having better color accuracy.

When you shoot in RAW format, the camera captures all the data from each image. It includes the information your camera uses to make the final photo and any settings you may have used, like ISO or shutter speed. By capturing this extra data, you can get closer to getting the photo you envisioned—no matter the conditions.

This extra information also gives you greater flexibility when editing your photos. Because RAW files are unprocessed—meaning that they contain all of the data captured by your camera—you can easily change things like exposure and white balance without worrying about ruining your photo.

Tip 2: Use A Soft Light To Create Flattering Shadows And Highlights

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Adding light and shadow to your photos can make them look more flattering, natural, and beautiful. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment or a lot of skill to do this. All you need is a soft light source and some basic skills.

  • Use a window or door as your . It will create shadows and highlights that are flattering on most people. If available, you can also use an overhead lightprimary light source, but remember that it will create harsher shadows and highlights on the face.
  • Use a fill light to add brightness and warmth to the face. It can be done with an overhead or side light, but remember that it should be placed high enough so that the subject isn’t entirely in shadow.

Tip 3: Find A Comfortable Spot To Take Your Photos And Relax

Are you looking for the best spots to take beautiful photos of people using natural light? Whether you’re a professional or just starting, these tips will help you take stunning shots with minimal effort.

Shoot During The Morning Or Early Evening

Shooting photos of people during the day can be a bit harsh and unflattering due to the harsh light. However, if you shoot during the morning or late evening hours, natural light is at its most flattering and harsh.

To take beautiful photos of people using natural light, find a suitable location that provides plenty of sunlight and pose your subjects in a way that enhances their features. Experiment with different shots to find what looks best on each person.

Remember to use aperture and shutter speed settings that capture the beautiful sunlight without causing too much noise or grain in your photo. And finally, don’t forget to smile! People love seeing happy expressions in their photographs.

Plan Your Shot

Before taking your picture, plan out where you want the subject to be in the background. It will help you avoid awkward angles and maximize the natural look of your photo.

Use A Reflector

use of reflector

A Reflector is a simple tool that you can use to add realism and color to your photos. Shining a light on someone’s skin can create the illusion of different colors being reflected. It is a great way to add personality and life to your photos and give them a more natural look. There are many different types of reflectors available on the market, so it is essential to find one that will work best for your needs.


In conclusion, there are many ways to take beautiful photos of people using natural lighting. By following the above tips, you can capture the beauty of your subjects or people and create truly unique images. So go ahead and start snapping those fantastic pictures!