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Take Care of Love Ones: 5 Tips for Choosing a Good Elder Law Attorney

Elder care attorneys have a specialized legal focus on seniors and their families.

Find out here five tips for choosing a good elder law attorney.

1. Consultation

When trying to find an excellent elderly lawyer, it is important to meet a couple of the potential ones physically.

Plan for a meeting at an ideal time for both of you. In the meeting, present the issues you need to be addressed.

During this interaction, you can gauge the abilities of the potential lawyers.

Most importantly, be keen on their social skills. Social skills include empathy, customer service, communication, and response to your queries.

Listen carefully to the advice that they give. From this, you are more likely to pick the best elder attorney to attend to your individual needs.

2. Experience

Experience is a vital tale-tell sign of how good an attorney is at their job.

A judicious attorney has extensive knowledge pertinent to elderly issues. An experienced elderly attorney has practical skills for representing their clients.

The most accurate way to establish an attorney’s experience is to find out their years of practice. Most of the time, elderly attorneys have many years of practice, and so they have vast experience. Also, inquire about the cases they have handled before.

Be keen on the experience that they demonstrate. Finally, pick an elderly lawyer with specialized experience in elderly issues like those you have listed.

3. Credentials

A thorough background check goes a long way in finding the best elderly attorney and can be easily done at

Ensure that the prospective attorney has legitimate academic certificates.

Check for certification from The National Elder Law Foundation (NELF). This certification is proof of experience, in elderly legal matters and peer recommendations.

The NELF certificate also demonstrates high levels of competence. It means the elderly attorney passed all the day written exams, as per the pass mark.

These credentials assure that an elderly attorney is academically and professionally competent.

4. Referrals

If you have no idea where to start, this is the simplest most reliable way to go.

Talking to friends, colleagues, and family members is something that happens daily. Engaging this circle of people makes the work easier since they already have the networks.

Ask friends for attorneys that have served them well. Most of the time, friends will recommend attorneys that offer the best services like Stepp & Sullivan, P.C.

Schedule a consultation after which you can decide.

5. Do Your Homework

Above all else, doing your homework is imperative.

Go a step further and Google up the elderly lawyers on your list. Check their websites if they have any and where they have worked. This will save you lots of time during consultation since you will eliminate others.

Have your questions planned before the consultation to make consultation production. Doing your homework helps you identify the best elderly attorney for your particular needs.

Elder Law Attorney

You should be specific on the purpose for which you need an attorney.

From the recommended attorneys, it is possible to fine-tune your needs through a chat in order to see which elder law attorney to go for.

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