Marshall’s came into being in 1956 when there were a few entrepreneurs who were trying to decide what to do post war with the success which was beginning to be enjoyed in the U.S…  The success was in fact unheard of at the moment as people were having children left and right and were extending more and more out into the suburbs.  It was very quickly becoming a time and a place where it was very necessary to have home goods and other items available for affordable prices and have an extensive selection.  With this thought in mind it swas created as a location to find clothing as well as home items at ridiculously low prices as the items there were from the department stores but had been discounted deeply.

  • Go to
  • Put in the survey number,
  • Enter the time and the date and click “Start” button.
  • Following this you will be able to answer a number of questions which relate to selection, prices, choices of materials and other aspects of the store which you would like to see changed or improved.

By providing your feedback to the corporate office you will enhance the experience of other shoppers all over the world and will make it much easier to ensure that they are able to have an excellent experience.  Feedback good or bad is very necessary to make certain that you are able to help others.

With a change in movement towards more items of this caliber it became more and more important to ensure that they were able to have enough items in stock and for this reason they began to sublet space to other producers of material to ensure that there would in fact be enough items to be sold.  Since their inception they have become one of the most successful venues in the entire U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico with over 800 stores in the North American continent.  They also came up with a survey system which would allow users to provide feedback on ways that the shopping experience could be improved or on other items which might need attention.

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