The political moment in the U.S. and the world is tense beyond anything that has been felt before.

Why? In large part, it’s because no one feels like they can trust classic institutions of society such as the government, certain churches, the news media and any number of authoritative figures.

Trying to get information that’s as close to the truth as possible is vital. That’s why finding unbiased politic blogs is a savvy move to stay informed about issues.

We’re here to run down a few good options that will act as a news media filter for daily consumption.

The Problem With Unbiased Politic Blogs

Every human looks at the world around them through a specific point of view that is influenced by their background and lived experiences. Two different people can take in the same information and understand it and present it in totally different ways.

In that way, it’s realistic to assume that true unbiased news doesn’t exist.

Also, when people take out all bias, the information becomes flat and without the subtlety and texture that’s needed to help truly add to one’s wisdom.

In that way, bias acts like salt. A little gives you some flavor. Too much gives you a heart attack.

How to Spot Bias

Here’s an example to consider.

Millionaires and corporations all around the world are able to game some portion of local tax codes by registering their company in a country that would not charge them a tax. This is just a matter of registering with that countries office and you can park money there tax-free.

Looking at how a blog handles international financing issues and other foreign entity issues like captive insurance can give you a good read on a website’s bias, both the direction and the amount.

To the Blogs! acts like all the blogs on this list. They don’t actually break news first. They collate stories in a way that they think readers will like.

The AllSides’ approach is to find three links to the same story that present news through certain points of view and mark the direction and severity of the bias. This allows people to get a few different looks on an event or issue. sets itself up as a fact-checker. It looks at a wide range of stories to try to sort out which ones are being honest and which ones are trying to jerk people around. is not a blog per se. It’s an actual news organization that is headquartered in London but has bureaus all over the world. It is one of the longest-running publications out there and has a long history of being without bias. And most of the stuff you find on news blogs comes from organizations like Reuters.

Make the Most of the Internet

Informed and engage people are the lifeblood of any political movement. Understanding what’s going on in the world around you is vital to handling whatever decisions you have to make.

Looking at unbiased politic blogs is certainly a good way to go about it.

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